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Architect’s Journal to publish Top 100 influential UK architects on Twitter

In April 2011 Construction News published the tCn top 100 list of influential tweeters in the UK built environment and received a great response. It’s part of an initiative to help industry individuals and organisations understand, embrace and utilise the power of digital media. PeerIndex was used to rank Twitter users based on how influential they are and we’re very happy to be one of the only agencies included.

Next in the #tcntop100 series is an attempt to identify influential tweeters in UK architecture. The final #AJtCn100 list will be published in the Architect’s Journal (AJ) and further information explaining how users can get involved will be available via the AJ (online and in print) on Thursday the 9th of June.

**UPDATE** Here is the published list of the top 100 UK Architects on Twitter.

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6 tips for optimising your construction product pages

Optimising your website and web pages for search engines is crucial in order to raise visibility and make it easy for your customers and prospects to find detailed information on your products or applications. It is now common practice that most Architects, Specifiers and Engineers turn to the web when they require specific product information, service offerings or details for an actual business.

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Don’t have a social media presence without being present

Yesterday was awesome! I attended 2 great marketing events that I would like to share with you. Awesome was  also the word of the day thanks to Scott Stratten from UnMarketing. He was one of the speakers at the FreshThinkers event, alongside Amanda Hite from Talent Revolution,  hosted by Jobsite. Scott is one of the best speakers I’ve heard in a long time. As he said himself, he speaks in tweets. Punchy and straight to the point in 140 characters which are easily shared by twitter geeks (like me). As you can see from the image below, the fresthinkers twitter stream reached over 41 802 people. This would not have been possible without a great social media platform such as Twitter. It makes people feel part of an event even if they are thousands of miles away. Read More

Digital Marketing Workshop for Construction Marketers

On the back of the success of our Construction Marketers Guide to Social Media E-Book we are pleased to announce our Digital Marketing Workshop for marketers within the construction industry.

Where? The Building Centre, London.
Thursday 23rd June 2011.
What time?
2pm – 5.30pm.

What will I learn? Plenty. We’ll get you started on creating a robust digital marketing strategy and provide you with the knowledge and skill set in order to quickly re-apply to your current marketing plan. Read More

Which building product manufacturers have the strongest brands?

Following on from our recent blog post ‘building strong brands: essential for construction companies’, discussing what a brand is, what makes a strong brand and why branding is important even in the construction industry, some research has been published re-confirming this need for brand building.

Survey says….

We came across this article in Building Products Magazine today, who published some interesting findings from a survey conducted by Arch-Vision (research hasn’t been published on their website yet). It revealed that UK architects list Trespa and Kingspan as the two strongest building material product brands. The research is conducted quarterly and includes the opinions of over 1200 architects across Europe. They were asked to mention two brands they thought were the strongest in building materials such as concrete, bricks, aluminium systems, roofing material, construction floors amongst others. In the UK, the top 5 companies mentioned were Kingspan (40%), Trespa (15%), VELUX (8%), Schüco (7%) and Otis (6%).

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Measure what matters with Google Analytics

In this digital world we are overwhelmed with large amounts of data, some of it useful and some not so much. The big problem with data is that many people do not know what to look for. Insights can only be developed when data is properly analysed against business goals and objectives. Why are you wasting time looking at reports if you have nothing to compare them to or benchmark them against? How will you know if you are succeeding? Reporting just website views or page clicks doesn’t tell you anything about how it’s helping to grow the business and increase profits. Marketers need to work harder at reporting outcomes not just observations.Read More

Internet World 2011 – Summary of the Social Media Seminars

Yesterday I took a trip to Internet World at Earl’s Court in London. It’s a leading digital marketing and social media event with hundreds of companies exhibiting their latest products and software solutions. Thousands of visitors attend the 3 day event to learn about the latest developments in social media strategy, ecommerce, online marketing, content management and analytics, amongst many others.There were some speakers from the big names in the industry such as Google, Facebook, Ogilvy and E-bay but you had to pay to attend most of those.

I chose to go for the cheap route and queue up for the free seminars that were available in the different seminar theatres. The main ones I was interested in was ‘The Future of Social Media‘, ‘Digital & Mobile Marketing‘ and ‘Content Management‘. There were a wide range of topics and sometimes it was difficult to chose which ones to go to. However, the fact that you had to queue for about 20 minutes to get into every seminar meant that the day passed pretty quickly without being able to attend as many sessions as I would have liked. Read More

Don’t just focus solely on rankings, focus on quality and conversions

When developing an SEO (search engine opimisation) strategy it is quite easy to focus all of your efforts solely on improving rankings alone. “I want to be #1 or #2 and that is it!”

Marketers want their websites to rank either #1 or #2 for relevant search terms to their business and oust their competition from the dizzy heights of being listed number one in Google, but with an improvement in rankings also comes additional traffic.

Why do you want to add more traffic to the top of the funnel when your website can’t convert the hundred or so visitors it currently attracts?

If your current website is failing to convert any of its traffic into some sort of measurable result (i.e. download, subscription, registration, request) then your website needs fixing first before you add any more traffic top the top of the funnel. Identify poor performing pages with high exit rates and bounce rates, test and refine the content and the design. Always ensure your pages have clear calls to action pointing visitors towards completing those goals. Read More

Importance of benchmarking before adding social media to your mix

So you have decided that you are going to add social media to your marketing mix. You have decided that you are going to launch a corporate blog, start a company Twitter profile, create and join a few LinkedIn groups and then have a lovely looking Facebook page with all your corporate info on. Heck, you might even re-design your website whilst your at it right?

But have you benchmarked your existing online and offline marketing activities before you jump onto the social media bandwagon? Do you know how your current marketing activities are performing in order to identify success later on? In fact, what will your success look like in 12 months time?

Benchmarking is crucial

Conducting a benchmarking audit is crucial for any marketing department before starting on long term commitments like social media marketing. Knowing how your website is performing and its conversion rates, knowing which brochures are most downloaded or requested, knowing how many times your company has been mentioned online, finding out how many pages in your website are indexed and where they rank in Google and knowing how visitors use your website are all ‘must knows’ in order to be able to measure any improvement over time. Read More