How to use Feedly as an Effective Construction Marketing Source


As a content marketer I’m constantly researching the latest construction industry news, scanning for shareable blog topics or looking for inspirational content ideas.

But this process can take a while, and with a mix of different tasks to get done in a day, I needed an easy solution for storing all of my research in the one place.

Introducing Feedly.

Think of it as your go-to online library that updates itself with the most interesting content specifically for you.

Feedly can be used for the following reasons:

  • To keep informed of the latest construction industry news
  • To learn what’s new in the world of digital marketing
  • To gain inspiration for your own content marketing strategy
  • To find relevant, informative posts to share with your social media following

So without further ado, I’ve put together a quick and simple guide for using Feedly, to help revitalize both your content and social media marketing strategy today.


1.First things first, once you’re logged into Feedly, you can either start adding the direct sources you want to follow, or set up keyword alerts which will bring together a list of related content and blogging sites for that particular keyword; this is shown on the left hand side. It will even produce hashtags based around your search query to maximise results. Once you’ve spotted a few valuable sources, simply click ‘follow’.




Alternatively, in the top right hand corner, you can search via category and click follow for all of the relevant websites.


2.To group your sources into tidy, relevant categories, you can ‘create a collection’. You can even share your different collections with others, both to discover new and interesting feeds whilst reinforcing your construction company’s digital brand. As you collate more categories, these will be displayed on the left hand side of your news feed.


3. On a regular basis, Feedly will show you the most popular stories currently in your news feed on the main homepage. When you choose the article you want to read, Feedly will give you a snippet of the article, as well as author information and date of publication. You can then decide whether to read later, save to a board, mark as read or hide.


4. As touched upon in the last point, a new option available within Feedly is to create a board – particularly useful when wanting to create a ‘mood board‘ for a particular audience on a social platform, or for different persona types when creating content internally.  Think of it as content inspiration for your research, similarly to platforms such as Pinterest.



5.Want to know a few of the online blogs and news websites I follow to get you started on your own Feedly account?

For Construction News

For Marketing Tactics

For Data Insights

For more information on how to create an effective Content Marketing strategy for your Construction Business, download our eBook here.

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