A Guide to Creating an effective Content Marketing Strategy [Slideshare]

A Content Marketing Strategy should no longer be viewed as an additional benefit to your business; it is now very much a requirement for every industry in order to achieve their objectives by satisfying customer needs.

And with content marketing costing 62% less than traditional marketing, whilst also generating 3 times as many leads [Demand Metric], there really is no reason to not have a defined process in place.

Whilst a Content Marketing Strategy will be unique to each construction business, we’ve put together a slideshare presentation to help guide you through the process.

To summarise, the slideshare covers:

Why content

  • What type of content do you require?
  • How does content fit within the marketing process?
  • How will it reach your audience?
  • How will it affect traffic and conversions?

Creating a content strategy

  • What are your business objectives?
  • How can you make the most out of content?
  • How will you measure the effectiveness of content marketing?
  • What outcome can you expect from each type of content?
  • How can you effectively distribute your content? 

PR activity

  • How does content work to lead PR activity?
  • How can you effectively work with the media?
  • What types of media coverage should you be implementing?
  • How can you measure the success of print and online coverage?

Managing the content and PR process

  • How can you structure and manage the content creation process?
  • How can you manage the PR process most effectively?

We hope you find this slideshare useful for your own content marketing requirements, and of course if you haven’t already check out our updated 2016 Content Marketing eBook here.

Ebony Hutt

About Ebony Hutt

Ebony Hutt is a content marketer who has worked in the Construction Industry for 5 years with Travis Perkins and Snows Timber. In Oct 2019, she made the leap over to Digital Marketing Agency, Pauley Creative. In her role as Marketing Manager, she creates & shares content for Construction Marketers that aims to teach & inspire their digital marketing. She’s on a mission to make sure every Construction Marketer knows about Pauley Creative. Since graduating, Ebony has immersed herself in the Construction Industry and is passionate about its journey of digitalisation. She delivers results by using tactics such as SEO, Social Media, PR & Events.

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