Analysing the impact of our Social Media E-book

UPDATE (02/06/11): We are now approaching nearly 400 downloads since the launch of the ebook. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the ebook.

It’s been over a week since we launched our Guide to Social Media Marketing for Construction Marketers ebook and thought it would be good to show the results we achieved from publishing this ebook. The total number of downloads stands at a whopping 217!!!! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and shared the ebook with others.

The content within the ebook really gives marketers, business development managers, business owners and publishers an idea of how to approach social media as a channel to promote content and to create qualified leads and raise brand awareness at a relatively low cost (and its all measurable). So without further a do, here are some numbers to show the effects of publishing something which is of value and utilising social media to increase reach, create leads and raise brand awareness at a very low cost.

Launched ebook on Wednesday 20th April 2011

  1. 75 downloads in first day (8 hours in fact!)
  2. 582 visits to our website in 8 days
  3. 58% conversion rate from our mailing list
  4. 55% conversion rate from Twitter
  5. 44% conversion rate from LinkedIn
  6. 40% conversion rate from our campaign microsite to get @grantshapps to RT our ebook (He’s the most influential tweeter in the built environment apparently)
  7. 10 newsletter subscriptions
  8. 100th downloader on 2nd day was @AndrewGoodwin86 of Make Architects
  9. 200th downloader on 8th day was @FitzGeraldDavid
  10. Just the 1 phone call so far from a large construction company with an immediate marketing requirement. We don’t expect everyone to have an immediate requirement so its a good start.


“What about your social media impact?” I hear you say?

We increased our follower count by 4.9% to 1337. That’s an additional 65 new Twitter followers in 8 days.






The Pauley Creative twitter account was added to 67 lists in 8 days. This could mean that the 65 new followers added us to their lists. Maybe.






Pauley Creative had 59 unique references in those 8 days.






Our potential reach increased by 218% to 25,092 other Twitter accounts in our network. (Potential Reach sums a user’s follower count and the sum of followers for any user retweeting any of their Tweets during the previous seven days to estimate the total potential reach in Twitter at any given time.)






And finally, the below screenshot shows you what happens when you post a link to a valuable resource in a relevant LinkedIn group containing a relevant audience. The red flags show that a goal has been completed, in this case it is the download of the ebook. The second red box shows the referrals from the link within the LinkedIn group.












So there you have it. A quick summary of how social media helped increase our reach and generate leads for our business at a relatively low cost by simply providing good, authentic, and relevant content.

Sharing valuable information goes along way and travels far if done well.

About Stuart Dinnie

Stuart has worked in the world of digital marketing for over 15 years. With his measured and planned approach, he has delivered robust digital strategies for construction companies to achieve real business growth. He now heads up the team at Pauley Creative as Managing Director and is leading his team & clients towards digital marketing excellence. He’s worked with over 100 construction clients; helping them on their digital transformation journey, providing sustainable strategies that return year on year incremental growth, delivering award-winning websites and adding value from board level to marketing assistant.

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  1. David Revis

    Well done, a great example of how you can measure the results of social media.
    I was just looking to see if I can sign up to your blog but cant see an obvious way to do it. Am I just in need of a four-day weekend to restore my eyesight or is there not one on there?

  2. Pritesh Patel

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    If you click on the orange ‘RSS’ button (top right next to the LinkedIn logo) you can subscribe to our blog using Feeburner/Google Reader or any other reader.

    We are currently working on adding new functionality to our blog including the ability to sign up for monthly blog round ups delivered by email. What we don’t want to do is clog up your inbox every time we release a post so we are keeping it to monthly basis.

    Will let you know when the new blog is ready for you to subscribe by email.

    Thanks again David.

    Pritesh Patel


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