A week in the life of a Specification Manager using Social Media

Meet Steve. He is the new Specification Manager for a company that manufactures and supplies rainwater harvesting systems for the commercial sector. Steve has just started using social media to connect with specific audiences online and his objective is to tap in to those Architects and Designers who communicate online and don’t respond to his emails or cold calls. We take a look at how he is getting on……..

MONDAY 4th JUNE 2011

8.47am – Got into work, started searching for some Architects on Twitter using the Twibes website. Very interesting, found a large group of Architects and then some smaller niche architects who specialise in specific areas of design and architecture. I found the category ‘Environmental Architects’ which has about 150 architects within the group, or ‘Twibes’ as they call themselves. Maybe they are the ones I should follow. Give it a try.

9.30am – Ok, so I have found my audience and they seem like a pretty active bunch. I might join the conversation and introduce myself. I wonder how many of them are also active on LinkedIn? I’ll check that later.

9.32am – Just sent an ‘Introductory tweet’ to the Architects I am now following on Twitter. I just put “Hi, I’m Steve. Specification Manager at The Rainwater Saving Company. How are you all today?” Also had a look at who they were following or connected to and I am now following them too.

10.35am – Just came out of a meeting with the boss, I could feel my phone buzzing away in my pocket. Must be my new Twitter notification alerts going off.

10.38pm – WOW! 14 architects that I am following replied to my tweet. One of the Architectural practices had heard of The Rainwater Saving Company. That’s good. These architects are a real friendly bunch.

3.15pm – Just checking my Twitter feed. These architects are sharing lots of useful information with each other and talking about some interesting issues. A lot of it looks like new Eco-design related news stories. Might ask my Marketing Department to help me out with something interesting aimed at Architects providing guidance on BS8515, which is the British Standard for the Design and Installation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Might ask them what they know about it. Get involved as they say.

3.30pm – Sent another tweet to my Architectural Twibe “Do any of you require any help with areas of rainwater harvesting. I am here to help, not to sell?!” Worth a shot.


9.30am – A few architects responded to my tweet from yesterday. One asked “What sort of payback periods are we looking at for a commercial building? Having trouble calculating pay back periods.” Good question, I can help with that one. Another asked “I went on your website and I can’t find any information on calculating tank sizes. I am working on a project now which requires a RWH system. Can you help?. “BINGO!

9.31am – Responded to all my tweets and sent them links to websites and info which will help them. I wish we had some of that info on our website, might need to have a word with the Marketing Manager regarding introducing a calculation tool on our website.

9.35am – After a bit of a detailed conversation on Twitter I am now going to meet with the Architect (Anne Architect) who is working on a project which includes a rainwater harvesting system on a large commercial/retail building. Also found out she supports Arsenal and had recently traveled to the Far East. This Twitter stuff is magnificent. Meeting Anne on Friday.

9.45am – Great discussion on Twitter with Anne about the changes to the Code for Sustainable Homes and what Architects are doing to keep up with it all. Noticed some CFSH Twitterers have joined in the conversation too. WOW! Collaboration at its best I think. Great debate going on here.

11am – Found Anne Architect on LinkedIn and we have now connected.

4.45pm – Managed to find a ‘hashtag’ dedicated to Rainwater Harvesting. It’s #rainwaterharvesting. I can see everything and everyone talking about rainwater harvesting now in my Twitter timeline. Also found a competitor and they have tweeted that they are Ecobuild this year. Keep an eye on them.


3.55pm – Found some interesting news stories about rainwater harvesting techniques being used in other countries. Might share this with my Architect Twibe on Twitter. I know they’ll like this sort of stuff and it also keeps me and my company in touch with them, even if I am not directly communicating with them. Found some good videos on You Tube about water saving in the home. Really got to sit down with my Marketing Manager at some point. Why are they not producing good, shareable stuff for Architects?

4.00pm – Just sending a tweet to Anne “Are we still on for tomorrow? Looking forward to our meeting.” She replied via DM (Direct Message) “Very much so, I now have more detail on requirements too. Here is my mobile if you need me 0777 777777”


FRIDAY 7th JUNE 2011

11.55pm – On my way to meet Anne. Good thing Arsenal beat Liverpool last night, she might be in a good mood. Can’t believe I have taken an online conversation offline, so they say in the marketing department.

13.55pm – Met Anne, we got on like a house on fire! She is a really nice person. Felt like I had known her for quite a while. I think Twitter has helped me get to know my audience on a deeper and more personal level. We talked about the project and went through some design calcs and managed to speak to our Technical Department about specifying a 10,000L tank. Good stuff.

8.10pm – Anne has introduced me to another Architect on Twitter who is also working on a project which requires a rainwater harvesting tank and some calculation work. I’m beginning to enjoy getting my expertise and brand out and about. Happy days!



4.48pm – Sent Anne a Twitter message “Not good enough, Arsenal need another striker. On another note, I am producing a CPD presentation aimed at Architects, would you be able to help me?”

5.15pm – Anne replied “I know, we need Torres (not). Sure, love to help. How about I come to you and we can also catch up on our project?”

DISCLAIMER: Steve is a fictional character and does not represent any known person. Also, these events are not real and have been shown as an example of how social media platforms can be used to develop and build online relationships and reach those who could not be reached by other forms of communication. The events are fictional and participating in social media takes time and also takes effort. Do not spam people.

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  1. Kirstie Colledge

    This is a great example of how the whole thing can and does, work, when done properly. So much better than saying “it just does, try it”. One thing though…. can ‘Anne’ be be a Spurs fan next time? 🙂

  2. Wayne Coulter

    I wish it was that simple! The process, not the swapping football teams bit. “Steve” obviously has a “hot” avatar too – which helps.


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