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Random acts of Marketing

Had a great meeting with a clever guy (nearly five years ago now) who unprompted, confessed to implementing ‘Random acts of Marketing’.

It made me wonder how many agency and client-side senior managers and marketing managers within the construction industry are actually brave enough to step forward and say;

“Yep, that was random. That was probably a complete waste of time and money. Truth is I don’t know”

I know I’ve been prone to a few random acts over the years*

Post updated – October 2014

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Cranfield University BGP – Speak from the heart, not the Powerpoint

I was recently invited to speak at a Cranfield University BGP open day. The BGP, or Business Growth Programme as it’s known, is designed specifically for the development of owner managers and their businesses.

I was invited to give a presentation based on my own experience of participating on the BGP programme back in February 2007. I was more than happy to accept the invitation. My experience of BGP was rewarding, challenging and still helps me to this day. My BGP was a journey of massive benefit to both me and my business.Read More

Home pages for Construction websites – Online Construction Marketing

“At Pauley Creative we have been designing and building websites and home pages for construction industry websites for over ten years and the trends for best practice in terms of design, build and strategy have changed sporadically over time. However, the basics remain the same. Within this piece I will give you a better understanding of what you should be expecting of your home page as well as the customer experience your users should expect too”.

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By Nick Pauley – Principal – Pauley Creative

Speed could damage your profits – Construction Marketing

Speed, or lack of it, is going to become an issue again. How fast your page loads is already a factor in Google AdWords quality score but speed’s going to be added to the organic ranking algorithm. Now’s the time to check your loading speed.

Let’s say you’re selling construction sealants for instance. It might seem a good idea to show your visitors immediately the amazing range of epoxy sealants you sell but listing everything – from fixing sanitary ware to anti-vandal sealants -on the home page isn’t terribly clever and now it’s going to annoy Google too [Remember, relevant content is king].Read More

Honesty is the best policy – Construction Marketing

The – now rather inaccurately-named – search engine optimisation (SEO) business has been very hard at work for the past few years generating content to populate the internet and thereby raise search engine ranking. This is how it works.

A manufacturer of, for instance, vapour barriers and damp-proofing membranes writes an article containing all the relevant keywords. This is submitted and published by third party web sites – in this instance construction industry web sites and ezines. Prospective customers searching for the keywords “vapour barrier” or “damp-proof membrane” find the article, maybe they even click on the link to the manufacturer’s web site. But that’s not the only benefit of writing the article. The manufacturer’s web site is also rewarded with additional points towards its search engine ranking because the link is from a highly-regarded web site.Read More

Pauley Design becomes ‘Creative’

Our new trading name ‘Pauley Creative’ is the marriage of our two core services; Brand Management and Digital Media.

The name change, albeit slight, signifies the end of our short term objective – to raise awareness of our expert digital marketing offering – which has been incredibly successful.

We will now continue to focus on our longer term plan – to lead the way in ‘Straightforward. Measurable. Marketing’ for our existing and new business to business clients – as Pauley Creative.Read More