Wrapping up a busy 2010 for construction marketing

As the saying goes “Hasn’t this year just flown by?”

Indeed it has and what a year it has been too. 2010 has seen the rise of social media and how construction companies, large and small, look to embrace social platforms for pushing out content and increasing networking opportunities. Interesting discussions have taken place regarding the uses of social media within the industry and whether any form of ROI can be calculated. It seems as though many companies and marketers are still trying to work out how it can be used to assist with their business objectives and goals.

The industry is still suffering from the economic downturn and therefore placing an increasing amount of pressure on marketers to justify budget spend and what value it’s bringing or adding to the business. Campaigns are under tough scrutiny, there is thorough questioning on planned expenditure and a closer eye is being kept on the performance of the department in general. With this in mind, the importance of understanding data, and in particular web analytics, is becoming an important part of a marketers role in measuring the performance of each individual activity or campaign. Marketers are having to work harder to keep up with all the latest technologies, changes in buyer behaviour, adoption of new communication methods and new ways of sourcing and procuring information to help with the specification and buying process.

The recent CIMCIG Digital Marketing event showed us signs that construction companies are gradually adopting web technologies to assist with all areas of construction, whether it be modelling or collaboration software through to carbon footprint calculators, we are seeing a slow shift in the usage of web 2.0 applications and technologies.

For Pauley Creative, this year has been a challenge, just like any other company within the construction industry. We have recognised the importance of education and the need to provide marketers with useful content to help them market their business online and measure its effectiveness. We will continue to do all of this through 2011…..that’s a promise. We understand the pressure marketers are under in order to prove ROI and will continue to help our clients deliver the best results….that’s a promise too.

So, summarising a busy year for Pauley Creative, we thought we would share with you our Top 10 read and shared blog posts of 2010:

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10. 5 ways construction companies can use Twitter for business

There you have it. Our most popular read and shared blog posts by you of course. We also have our monthly My Digital Insider series providing marketers within the construction industry with valuable information and guidance on how to promote their business online. Go on…sign up now.

Oh, before I leave you and wish you all a merry Christmas, this only seems like a few days ago to me: Top Digital Marketer joins the Pauley Creative team

Anyway, from everyone here at Pauley Creative, we all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


The Pauley Creative Team - Top to Bottom: Ben Hogan, Stuart Dinnie, Duncan Morley, Rory McCrossan, Me, Nick Pauley, Sheree Adams, Ayaan Mohamud, Becki Argles, Dan Mulkern and Chris Prosser (someone had to take the photo).

About Stuart Dinnie

Stuart has worked in the world of digital marketing for over 15 years. With his measured and planned approach, he has delivered robust digital strategies for construction companies to achieve real business growth. He now heads up the team at Pauley Creative as Managing Director and is leading his team & clients towards digital marketing excellence. He’s worked with over 100 construction clients; helping them on their digital transformation journey, providing sustainable strategies that return year on year incremental growth, delivering award-winning websites and adding value from board level to marketing assistant.

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  1. Nick Pauley

    Hi everyone, this is clearly our own top 10 list of shared posts, if you have a list of other helpful posts or blogs from 2010 feel free to add them here. I’m going to add the following to kick us off, all excellent and invaluable in their own right:

    Su Butchers’ blog ‘Just Practicing’ – http://www.justpractising.com/category/construction-on-twitter/
    Paul Wilkinsons’ Be2Camp blog – http://be2camp.ning.com/profile/dfyyej41bc7z
    Liz Male’s blog ‘Footings’ – http://www.lizmale.co.uk/blog/

    Cheers, Nick


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