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Good Things Get Done By Construction Companies Doing Good

Why marketing your construction business CSR programs through social media platforms is good for business.


Image courtesy of Fourfront Group – commercial interior specialists

Let’s not split hairs here, the majority of CSR programs are a good thing. Besides the business agenda, at the very least some ‘social or sustainable’ good is being done. However, is it really still acceptable to invest time and energy in planning and running Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] programs if the only ‘promotional’ outcome is a flimsy report?Read More

Why you should focus your SEO on search terms with more than 4 words (The Long Tail)

I know of many marketers who spend a lot of effort, time and money trying to get their websites to rank high within search engines for head terms, high volume keywords such as bricks, rainwater harvesting, loft insulation, wall ties, LED lights, cladding, aluminum cladding, roof tiles, silver taps and so on. Whilst these types of keywords are attractive because they come with high volumes of traffic it’s not really what you should be focusing ALL of your time, effort or money on. I haven’t come across many marketers who spend time looking at or focusing on the ‘long tail’, you know, the one’s who are about to send you an enquiry. Let’s just remind ourselves of what the long tail actually means:Read More

MDi TV Episode 5 – How to create content for your construction website

Welcome to another episode of MDi TV. This week Ayaan talks about how to create content for your construction website.  To kickstart your content marketing plan you have to first conduct an internal audit to identify any information gaps. This makes you think about your different audience segments and the types of content they consume. Thereafter, Ayaan discusses why you should create content in different formats and how to use various online channels to promote and distribute this content.

We hope you enjoy the episode and if you would like us to discuss any specific topics please contact us via email or send us a tweet at @pauleycreative.

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How to Create Construction Content Using Search and Google Analytics

So you have a blog. What do you write about? How do you intend to make sure that the content on your blog is relevant to your website visitors and your prospects? Online content is the most important part of any website when it comes to converting visitors into leads. If your content is valuable and usable then it is more likely that the visitor will subscribe, download, share or register in order to get more valuable content from you. If your content is poor, don’t expect visitor growth, increase in leads or conversions from your website.

I am going to share with you a simple technique which I have been using for a while now to help kick start a content strategy for construction product manufacturers to help them produce content which is relevant and useful for their prospects and customers. This technique may only apply to websites which have satisfactory levels of search optimisation applied and are already acquiring a good level of traffic from search engines. Why? Put it simply, you will be using search to drive content to drive search.

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How social media can improve your PR campaigns

The digital shift has had a big effect on the way news and information is published and consumed in the construction industry. PR professionals and marketers need to understand how this impacts the way they communicate with their audiences and the media. Social media has increased the number of available communication channels and facilitated real time conversations between companies and customers. It has given construction companies and individuals the opportunity to become publishers.Read More

Content writing tips for your construction products website

Writing for the web is a notably different skill to writing for print publications. It’s often a technique that is overlooked, but as your website becomes increasingly important as a business tool, it’s something that you should address if you’re keen to maintain a strong online presence and make certain you’re talking to the right audience.

To begin with you must make sure that your website is tailored to that proverbial ‘perfect potential client’ – and then that the content is correctly organised for ease of reading. Web users are spending significantly less time searching for, and viewing your website these days. It’s becoming increasingly important that you keep content easy to find, that you cover your calls to action in a clear yet striking way, and that your expertise is clear to see from just a glance at one or two pages. Knowing who you are writing for is crucial. A buyer would want short snappy copy highlighting product features and benefits, whereas an engineer may want more lengthy, detailed information and might expect to see an insightful, regularly updated blog.

Once you’ve reviewed your navigation and overall targeting, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty.

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What type of content marketer are you?

Producing, publishing and managing content used to be associated with other industries but is now an essential part of business. Any building product manufacturer that has a website and wants to increase their online visibility needs to take content marketing seriously. One of the main reasons architects and specifiers go online is to look for product information. The internet is full of useful content so there’s alot of competition from those construction companies who have already embarked on a content marketing strategy. Quality content in combination with SEO is what will get your website to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) for keywords associated with your products and services. Once prospects have found your site, you need to convert them into leads. Getting them to subscribe to your newsletter or enter their details to download your whitepaper is good for data capture which you can later follow up with an email lead nurturing campaign.

For all the steps outlined above you need to have quality content with which you can prove your expertise to your audience. Out-teaching your competition is how you will sustain a competitive advantage. Some companies employ content managers or copywriters who will write articles, blogposts, newsletters, whitepapers and other forms of content whilst other companies assign these tasks to current employees. Either way, effective content marketing requires a variety of skills and below is a list of 10 that I think are involved:

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Is your online marketing legal, decent, honest and truthful?

ASA will be regulating website and social media content from 1st March 2011

In September 2010 the Advertising Standards Association (ASA) announced its first above-the-line marketing campaign in 5 years to generate awareness of the new online marketing regulations that will be coming into effect on the 1st of March 2011. The ASA confirmed that the Committee of Advertising Practice’s (CAP) non-broadcast codes of conduct will now apply to all online marketing communication. Read More

What makes a blog successful?

Many of you have already started a personal or business blog, and there will be some of you who are contemplating starting a blog in the hope of driving additional traffic to your website. If you are in the ‘contemplating’ category then I suggest you probably need to start pretty soon.

The content you write is visible for all on the web and particularly those who are searching to find the answers to their issues, problems and questions. Search engines love blogs too. This is because, unlike your website, the content within your blog is always changing depending on your posting frequency.Read More