How are the top 15 construction companies using social media?

Read our 2015 update of this post here.

One of the top questions when embarking on a social media marketing strategy is “Where are my prospects and customers hanging out?”. I originally wanted to focus on very niche markets, pick a handful of companies and analyse their profiles in order to then report on how they are embracing and utilising social media channels to enhance brand perception, improve customer service, educate and engage with the rest of the construction market.Read More

10 tips for optimising campaign landing pages

Setting up a website is only part of building an effective digital marketing strategy. Your website needs to perform in the same way as your sales team and that is to create you leads, opportunities and add to your bottom line. A few weeks ago, I wrote about measuring outcomes of your website and in particular the importance of assigning ‘goals’ to your website.  So what do you do once traffic is starting to flow through to your site…?Read More

Creating effective campaign landing pages

For many marketers, targeting the right people involved at each stage of the long and complex, design and build process can be difficult to develop, implement and measure. Using inbound marketing channels is becoming much more prominent within the marketing mix and it goes without saying that well thought out campaigns can work wonders.

Our expert digital marketers have answered the question: ‘How will landing pages bring my audience online?’. Looking at how creating highly targeted landing pages with relevant content and a clear value proposition, will give you more qualified traffic and in turn, increase your campaign conversion rates and overall marketing success.

As marketers begin to realise the massive benefits of integrating offline approaches with online activities you will quickly learn how you too can evaluate your campaign performance. Find out more now, click creating effective landing pages and start to boost your marketing campaigns.

Cranfield University BGP – Speak from the heart, not the Powerpoint

I was recently invited to speak at a Cranfield University BGP open day. The BGP, or Business Growth Programme as it’s known, is designed specifically for the development of owner managers and their businesses.

I was invited to give a presentation based on my own experience of participating on the BGP programme back in February 2007. I was more than happy to accept the invitation. My experience of BGP was rewarding, challenging and still helps me to this day. My BGP was a journey of massive benefit to both me and my business.Read More

Digital Marketing A-Z for Construction Marketers

Is digital marketing a new area you are researching or exploring? Sat through a presentation wondering what half of the jargon means? Here are a few terms you will need to know when developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy and measuring campaigns:

Attribution – Understanding which marketing efforts have an impact to your bottom line.

Blog – Become a ‘thought leader’ within your sector by posting thoughts on industry topics or best practices.Read More

Construction industry blogs
 – Digital marketing for construction

Have you ever felt that you wanted to let it all out and trumpet some great truth to the world at large? Well, start a blog. Anyone can do it – and you don’t need to buy any software to get started. 

Blogging is a great way to comment about construction industry issues and to have your say. But apart from the cathartic effect it can have, a blog can be an excellent way to get your company’s news out into the wider world and to build your credibility as a trusted commentator on your speciality – building products, construction industry legislation – whatever.Read More

Products sales flat – Digital marketing for construction products

I see that the Construction Activity Barometer from Ernst & Young and the Construction Products Association indicates that product sales were broadly flat during the first quarter of 2010 but that product manufacturers are anticipating growth in sales in the second quarter. This is hardly surprising given the economic climate and the forthcoming election. You can read the full press release from the Construction Products Association [Downloads a pdf].Read More