5 Reasons PPC is an Important Element of Construction Marketing


Not just within the construction industry but throughout business sectors, people are often reluctant to dip their toes into pay-per-click advertising.


Because they’re most likely wondering if the investment is worth their time and marketing budget.

However, with the competition to rank highly in search becoming fiercer year on year, construction businesses need to try harder than ever to gain online visibility.

The expansion of PPC retail space now means that it’s dominating page one of Google, with the removal of the advertising sidebar resulting in PPC ads taking up the majority of space in Google search. This means that you really need to be investing in paid advertising campaigns in order to stand a chance against your competition.

So if you havn’t given much consideration to PPC as of yet, or have been sceptical towards its’ effectiveness for a construction business, here are 5 simple reasons as to why the decision should be a no-brainer.

1) Pay only for interested prospects

First off, the most obvious benefit lies within the name itself. ‘Pay-per-click’ advertising means that you only pay out for those all-important click-throughs, meaning that you know exactly where your budget is being spent. Unlike more traditional print-based advertising, where you simply spend money and hope for the best, PPC enables you to keep track of your spending and produces a result for every penny that’s spent.

2) Gain a better click-through rate

This leads nicely onto my next point – the more you are able to invest in paid advertising, the more click-throughs will be generated to your construction website. Ranking within both organic and paid search doubles your opportunity for click-throughs, and therefore doubles the chance of these leading to a conversion. The more listings you can gain on page one of search, the more legitimate and attractive your construction company will look to online visitors.

3) Support your organic search

Ranking highly in organic search, and trying to figure out why you’ve been positioned there in the first place, involves in-depth research on your keywords as well as website content. However, PPC shows results very quickly, allowing you to understand what keywords have worked straight away and ultimately giving you more control over your rankings. Whilst ranking highly in organic search is crucial, PPC is considered to support these organic search rankings with immediate effect.

4) Control your costs

How much you are willing to spend on PPC is entirely up to you, and is flexible for you to change at any time. Obviously the less you spend, the less likely you are to see a huge turnaround; however, this will again depend upon the competitiveness for that particular keyword within the construction industry. Always set your PPC budget to meet your own business needs.

5) Provide support to campaigns

PPC is there to support a range of marketing campaigns throughout the lifespan of your construction business, whether it’s a product launch, website launch, upcoming event or webinar – even a company rebrand. You can even feature campaigns overnight in order to get campaigns well underway as quickly as possible. Paid search ultimately helps to drive revenue and becomes a consistent support system to any project you’re currently working on.

Good PPC is not easy and requires a lot of time, effort and skill from your marketing department. Like all other aspects of marketing, it requires an effective strategy and strict planning process in order for you to gain the desired results. Ensure that you understand exactly what keywords are required to have a positive impact upon your marketing and business objectives.

Over the next month we’ll be providing you with a brand new Construction Marketing eBook on PPC advertising. In the mean time, if you have any other queries regarding PPC strategies, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01908 671 707.

Ebony Hutt

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Ebony Hutt is a content marketer who has worked in the Construction Industry for 5 years with Travis Perkins and Snows Timber. In Oct 2019, she made the leap over to Digital Marketing Agency, Pauley Creative. In her role as Marketing Manager, she creates & shares content for Construction Marketers that aims to teach & inspire their digital marketing. She’s on a mission to make sure every Construction Marketer knows about Pauley Creative. Since graduating, Ebony has immersed herself in the Construction Industry and is passionate about its journey of digitalisation. She delivers results by using tactics such as SEO, Social Media, PR & Events.

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