The Importance of Negative Keywords for your PPC Account


Negative keywords should always be an important element to your PPC campaign; whilst other keyword match types help you to set parameters on what to include, negative keywords allow you to exclude irrelevant search queries from your PPC advertisement. This means that as well as defining when your ads show up, you also have the control to justify when your ads don’t appear in a set of search results.

For example, negative keywords for ‘Timber doors’ may include: – aluminium, – complaints, – decking – windows

Why are negative keywords important?

Ultimately, negative keywords can save you money by enhancing the performance of your PPC campaigns. Here are a few other reasons as to why they should be included in your search strategy…

• Protect company reputation – If you sell plasterboards, you don’t want to be appearing on a page that talks about a damaged product. Whilst some searches you can predict ahead of time, others will involve regular research updates in order to exclude any negative topics around your product or service that may occur.

• Align campaigns with audience types – Set up negative keywords in order to narrow search queries to your target audience only; for example, if you are targeting high-end London properties, it may be worth including any other locations as negatives.

• Eliminate risks within traffic volumes – reduce your chances of appearing within unrelated searches; this will affect your click through rate and ad position as determined by Google. Moreover, you’ll be wasting money on users with no interest in purchasing your product.

Points to consider:

What match types would best support your PPC business goals?
What type of visitors do you not want visiting your online shop?
How could you eliminate unwanted visitors using negative keywords?
Where and when do you want your products and services appearing in search?
What stage of the buying funnel do you want your PPC strategy to support?

Choosing the appropriate keyword match types for your Ecommerce website and optimising these is crucial to the effectiveness of your campaign; the process enables you to reach your target audience in a refined way, ensuring no money is being spent on irrelevant clicks to your building products website.

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