Where do Construction News readers share news stories?

Yesterday I had a look at where Construction Enquirer readers were sharing its news stories and interestingly most news stories were shared on LinkedIn and not Twitter as I thought it might have been.

So today I’m going to take a look where Construction News readers share articles. Over 40,000 pages from the website were scanned and a total of 4123 pages had been shared across social networking sites.

Before we take a look at the table I just want to point out the most popular marketing related article to be shared (with 9 shares) on Construction News is the article written by Nick Pauley who also just so happens to be the MD of Pauley Creative. Fancy that!

So, which stories were the most popular and where were they shared?

The most popular article to be shared on social sites was the Barcelona Stadium at Sea Plan news story written all the way back in July 2009!

You can actually see a big gap between first and second most shared posts (Fatalities Map) which indicates that maybe CN readers are not sharing the content onto social sites as much as Construction Enquirer due to the paywall. It certainly shows that most readers share stories on Twitter, unlike Construction Enquirer which maybe leaning more towards LinkedIn. Nice blend?

Click on the table to view in full screen:


Hope it’s useful to some marketers who maybe looking into the influence of construction media sites on social media channels.

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Stuart Dinnie is the Managing Director at Pauley Creative; he is ultimately responsible for leading the charge & driving the business forward.

One Response to “Where do Construction News readers share news stories?”

  1. Su Butcher (@SuButcher)

    Hi Pritesh,
    Interesting comparison with Construction Enquirer.
    Leaving out the Barcelona article, which seems to be a bit of an anomaly, why do you think twitter is more popular than Linkedin here?
    Might it be that
    a) Construction news has a twitter account (@CNPlus)
    b) Construction news Linkedin link is to a (closed) group – not a company page – on Linkedin – limits in sharing here too

    Neither Construction news nor Construction Enquirer have a Linkedin company page, but both are active on Twitter.
    It is easy on twitter for unsuspecting users to share on an interesting news headline which leads to a paywall protected link, but I suspect they are unlikely to do this on Linkedin.

    I would suggest if CN wants to improve its sharing on Linkedin it needs to make some of its news content free to share. Doesn’t have to be all of it, but if there is nothing to share… CN could also then take advantage of the huge power of LInkedin Company Pages to develop a following on Linkedin, a platform with a particularly discerning professional audience.


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