On which social sites do Construction Enquirer readers share articles?

Below is a table to show the most shared content from the Construction Enquirer website since it’s launch a few years ago and where stories are being shared. A total of 4229 shares had been counted from just 586 pages scanned on the Construction Enquirer website.

Predictably, the most shared content is from July probably because more Construction Enquirer readers are now on social networks than ever before and probably still growing. Only 1 story from June made the top 20 stories. The most shared story is the recent ‘No UK firms in world construction top twenty‘ which has been shared 107 times.

The ‘Contract Spy‘ page has been shared on Facebook more than it has done on Twitter or LinkedIn. Interesting?

The oldest story, from March 2012, to get the most shares is ‘Giant crane swings into action at Mace cable car site‘ generating 30 shares in total.

Top 20 stories shared by number of total shares (click to view fullscreen):

Content get’s shared more on LinkedIn (654 shares) than on Twitter (431 shares). So if you are featured within Construction Enquirer but not active on LinkedIn then you ought to be. That’s maybe where the discussions about your company, project or product are likely to take place. Oh and if you’re one of the unlucky ones who has had an employee fall off a scaffolding structure then you may want some crisis PR tips too.

What would be interesting to also see is the amount of traffic generated over the previous 6 months from social sites to the Construction Enquirer website. Pretty sure there’s going to be a huge increase month on month but also comparing that to the growth in newsletter sign ups month on month too.

I’m currently running some data on Construction News website so stay tuned for that one at some point this week.

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