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How to make Ecobuild pay for Building Product Manufacturers.

Ecobuild - Excell

Spud the Dulux dog – An exhibitor who doesn’t have a follow up process…

It’s Ecobuild time again for all us construction marketing folks.

 And for the sake of this post I will assume at this late stage, everyone exhibiting and visiting has a rock solid set of objectives and goals for this years Ecobuild.

From my own experience, most building product manufacturers will typically have three, now four (updated Nov 2013 and again in Feb 2015) key drivers for exhibiting. In no particular order:

The months leading up to any large exhibition are generally more about project management than marketing.Read More

How to Select A Specialist Digital Marketing Agency The Right Way

There is something about the way the construction industry buys marketing services and the way some ‘full service’ or traditional agencies sell their services that has an ever-decreasing-circles feel about it.

Einstein is often credited to have said that the definition of insanity is; Doing the same thing and expecting different results.

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Are people searching the web to find out more about the Green Deal?

Many product manufacturers who will be involved in the Green Deal scheme will probably be ramping up their marketing activity to gain some attraction from all the talk about Green Deal.

One of the things which has interested me over the last 12 months is whether or not the interest levels in the Green Deal is growing (are people googling ‘green deal’) as awareness increases (or not as we found out recently) or if it’s flatlined throughout the last 12 months.Read More

Pauley Creative interview digital file sharing platform SpecifiedBy

A few weeks back I discovered SpecifiedBy via LinkedIn Groups, a digital file sharing platform for building product manufacturers. I approached the founder of the platform, Darren Lester to see if he would be up for explaining what SpecifiedBy is and who its for.

We know our readers are predominantly marketers from building product manufacturers and therefore felt this would be useful for our readers. If you would like to be part of the BETA testing team of SpecifiedBy platform then please email them here. You will also receive a 12 month FREE subscription to the platform for doing so.

Enjoy!Read More

5 construction social sites you’re probably not monitoring

All the rave is about commercial social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but since doing quite a few online competitor and mention analysis; I’ve come across some social sites, mainly forums, which I would consider absolute goldmines for information when researching mentions of your brand online.

Firstly I’ve some across many conversations about some of the biggest brands in construction that took place back in late 90’s. It’s probably safe to say these companies are not aware of them. Read More

What does good SEO on a website look like?

Firstly thank you to everyone who joined the webinar today on ‘What good SEO looks like on a website’. I hope it was useful and allowed you to assess your own sites and see if it included the basic elements of good search optimisation.

Below are 3 bits of material, firstly, the video recording and secondly the slides from the webinar – if you would like to download the powerpoint file then please click on the small link below the slideshare presentation below.

Finally, right at the end we have a bonus PDF checklist which you can download and go through your site to do your own assessment. It also includes links to some other useful resources which I’ve mentioned in the webinar. Check it out!Read More

Desensitise your sensitive information to win online

Our digital marketing strategy process is quite intrusive, uncomfortably so in some cases. On that point, I was recently asked how we handle our clients’ sensitive information given that we work in such a paranoid industry [his words not mine].

It’s a fair question that I’ve come to expect to answer at the outset of any engagement with a new client. In truth, on occasion, we’ll sign an NDA [non-disclosure agreements] or similar confidentiality agreement – principally because if it makes the client feel more comfortable with the process then that’s what we’ll do.Read More

What Architects want when seeking sustainable product information – 3 must-haves for your website.

This is a guest post written by our close friends over at Competitive Advantage who recently completed some research to find out what types of information Architects are looking for when sourcing sustainable products:

Designing with Sustainable Products Research

The architect is probably the most important member of the design team, distilling the requirements and advice of the other members. Recently Competitive Advantage completed research called Designing with Sustainable Products, this looks into how Architects design non-residential sustainable buildings and the information they need from manufacturers.Read More

Webinar: What does a well optimised building product manufacturers website look like?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed quite a few construction and building product manufacturer websites being launched – without even the basic signs of any search engine optimisation. I’ve been trying to work out why that could be. Could it be that the marketer didn’t plan for SEO? Or does the marketer even know what SEO is, is more education required? Could it be that marketers or their agencies just simply don’t know what to look for even if they think their website has been optimised for search engines and people?Read More