A Simple Slideshare of our Annual Construction Marketing Results

Our recent Construction Marketing Annual Survey provided us with a whole range of interesting stats as to how businesses are currently implementing marketing to achieve their business goals. To summarise, we found out the following information, which has been placed into a visual slideshare for you to use…

  • Brand Awareness is the priority marketing goal for 2018
  • Generating qualified leads is the biggest marketing challenge
  • Resource & time management is the biggest barrier to achieving business goals
  • Email marketing is the most used marketing tactic for construction businesses
  • Paid media is the best performing marketing tactic for construction businesses
  • Social media marketing is the worst performing marketing tactic for construction businesses
  • 76% of respondents manage their marketing inhouse
  • Content marketing training is the most sought after from construction businesses

For further support with your construction marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01908 671707, or download our Essential Guide to Construction Marketing here.

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