Google Adwords and the Power of Search in Construction – DECONSTRUCT

Jaber Khan, Agency Development Manager at Google, gave the audience at our latest DECONSTRUCT event a great insight into Google Adwords, the general market place and how technological advances will continue to impact the construction industry.

One of the biggest aspects of this change in technology is the smartphone; this in itself has changed the landscape of how we interact with our target audience. After all, the smartphone has ultimately become an extension of who we are and what we do. This means that while the user journey was once quite linear, it has now become a lot more complex to understand.

So what does your business need to be doing to keep up with these changing circumstances?

Whilst technology may have made life more simple for the end user, as a business the process of marketing our products now requires further tactics and approaches to make a real impact online.

View the full presentation below to find out how your construction business should be reaching your target audiences at the right moment, to engage and successfully drive conversions.

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