A Simple Slideshare on Creating a Well-Structured PPC Account


With the amount of work that goes into creating a PPC account, such as keyword research, ad copy, landing pages and more, it can be easy to lose sight of one of the first and most crucial steps: identifying the best structure for your account. 

When being set the task of building your company’s PPC account we know it can feel overwhelming and yes, it can be tricky at times, so this step-by-step guide goes right back to the basics, to help you make the right decisions from the very beginning in order to reduce stress and confusion later down the line.

The slideshare answers the following questions…

Why is the structure of a PPC account so important?

What are the key components to a PPC campaign?

How could you set out your PPC structure?

What other considerations should form part of your PPC strategy?

Take a look…

You can read the full version of this post here, and if you havn’t already, download our brand new PPC eBook for Construction Marketers.

David Dakramendjian

About David Dakramendjian

David is an adrenaline junkie whose infectious energy helps him deliver outstanding results for his clients. With over 16 years of experience in creating effective multi-channel marketing strategies, he has extensive knowledge of digital and print. His role at Pauley Creative, as Account Development Director, means he exercises his Sales & Marketing experience to drive his clients forward from a strategy & tactical perspective. He knows a thing or two about digital marketing but has specialities in website development, SEO & paid media.

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