Ecobuild – is it worth it for your Construction Business?

Over the past few days, construction professionals from around the country have been heading to the exhibition floor of Ecobuild – whether it’s been to attend a packed out conference, to man an exhibition stand, or to simply browse the latest products.

Love it or loathe it- Ecobuild has become an integral part of the construction industry calendar, and the event can be well worth the trip for building product manufacturers, construction marketers and industry professionals alike.

And of course if you’re an exhibitor, you’ve implemented your Ecobuild presence into a well-defined marketing strategy (read our post on ‘Six insanely quick steps to a marketing strategy’).

You know exactly how it’s going to help you achieve your business goals, and you understand the follow-up process required to get the best out of those enquiries… or have you?

After all, with Ecobuild being an expensive marketing tactic, it’s important to ensure the budget is well spent and its value sufficiently measured.

For more information on tackling the follow-up process, read our post on ‘Making Ecobuild Pay for Building Product Manufacturers’.

A thorough marketing strategy will stop you relying on those cheap giveaways and gimmicks that you see year on year (although we all secretly love the Dulux dog!)

Ecobuild and productivity

Aside from the benefits it can provide to exhibitors, you can’t ignore the fact that as a construction professional, everyone is there in the same room at the same time – from marketing peers, suppliers, media outlets and clients.

For us, Ecobuild this year has been massively productive – we were able to visit clients, arrange media meetings, schedule marketing activity and of course, view the stands.

We see these events as a great opportunity to build relationships, or should I say, partnerships: you want to reach decision-makers and the specific members of the construction industry, and Ecobuild provides that platform.

Exhibit or don’t exhibit – you can’t ignore the fact that for those three days in March, it’s the best place to be in the construction industry. When else could you schedule in 5 productive meetings in the space of one day?

So – is Ecobuild worth it?

When you’re planning to visit, in whatever capacity, you need to consider the objectives of your attendance.

Are you exhibiting in line with an effective marketing strategy, spending both your valuable time and money wisely, or are you there simply for the sake of being there?

If you attended Ecobuild this year we’d love to know your thoughts – leave a comment below or send us a tweet 🙂

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