9 Brighton SEO Presentations Quick & Dirty Style

In the days leading up to BrightonSEO I was pretty excited.

Not ‘can’t-sleep’ excited you understand, more ‘expecting-a-new-book-to-arrive-from-Amazon’ excited.

I’d not been before you see, but this year would be different.

Until obviously it wasn’t.

In response to my useless attempts at time management I decided to attend from the laptop – through the civilised medium of page 1 of Google.

So, if like me you couldn’t get there (again), I asked Google* to provide.

And they very kindly obliged.

Here are the top 9 presentations on Slideshare (the other one was from 2013) that ranked Page 1 on Google before 4:30pm on Thursday 24th April 2014, as they were (enjoyed in my absence yet again), from this years #BrightonSEO.

1. Peter Handley’s Technical Audit Checklist
Pretty self explanatory and very useful technical audit resource.

2. Hacking the Knowledge Graph by Andrew Isidoro
A talk into how Google are making use of semantic markup – bit of a heavy weight this one.

3. Hummingbird Proof eCommerce SEO Planning by Anthony Campbell
How Conversational based search is set to shape eCommerce retailers in a post-Hummingbird world.

4. Traffic Potential – Track your keywords like a boss from Lukasz Zelezny
Track your keywords like a, erm, Boss.

5. Think Eyes… Not Just Keywords – (Conducted by Adrian Durow at The ConversionArium, and Southampton Solent University).
An eye tracking study of where users look on components of search listings.

6. Harnessing the Power of Influencers by Matthew Barby
Short and sweet this one, but very good none-the-less.

7. The Need for Speed (5 Performance Optimization Tipps)
How to make websites FAST, covering request optimizations, caching, JS & CSS tweaks and a lot more.

8. The Habits that Land You Links by @staceycav
Simple as really…

9. Google as Predator: The Evolution of Search by David Sewell
Dr Sewell cleverly likens Google – and the evolution of search in general – to the evolution of the relationship between predators and prey in the animal kingdom.

It’s true that the presentations are quite B2C focused but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a wealth of information in these presentations that is relevant to marketing your business in the built environment.

And if you don’t find at least one nugget (I’ve found loads) that’ll help you as a construction marketer, or one tool (again lots of great tools) that’ll provide some meaningful data you didn’t already know I’d mightly surprised.

Happy reading.

*Of course you could just Google it yourself right now and get a whole heap of different results – but where’s the fun in that?


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