What is BES 6001, do your building products meet the grade and more importantly are you telling your customers?

BES 6001 is part of the governments drive to ensure a building product manufacturers’ sustainability claims are proven and that their materials have been resourced responsibly.

The standard describes a framework for the organisational governance, supply chain management and environmental and social aspects that must be addressed in order to ensure the responsible sourcing of construction products.

In reality certification for BES 6001 ensures a manufacturers credibility is safe guarded thus providing the reassurance specifiers, contractors and building owners rely on when meeting the governments requirements for sustainable development.

British Standards

The British Standards Institution [BSI] website goes on to clarify it’s position that…

BES 6001 is relevant to any organization that manufactures construction products from foundation products such as cement and steel to concrete pipes and blocks, windows, flooring, roof tiles, plastics, wood products.

From a marketing perspective this certification means that your public claims regarding performance are watertight. They provide the customer with the piece of mind necessary to specify your products with confidence.

Freedom of Choice

In a recent article by Building products magazine (April 2012) Keith Barker, Commercial director at Brick manufacturer Weinerberger, confirmed:

The clear benefit of BES 6001 for specifiers is the acceptance under the CfSH [Code for Sustainable Homes] that it provides confidence in the provenance of products, as well as reassurance they been assessed and accepted by BRE Global.

He goes on to say that having the all Weinerberger products accredited “…gives specifiers freedom to choose any brick on the basis of its relevance and aesthetic value to the individual projects…”.

Lost Opportunity

This is particularly pertinent for all building product listings on all building product manufacturer websites. If your products aren’t clearly marked as having reached the BES 6001 standard, you run the risk that your product won’t even be considered let alone specified in the final project.

Now is the time to clarify the benefits of your products online. Be absolutely clear about your sustainability, resourcing and performance credentials. Be open about your supply chain. But here’s a suggestion; don’t just limit that confirmation to a news release buried on your website and written by your PR agency. We recently wrote five great ways to increase your online lead generation and this most definitely fits.

Reassure Your Customers.

Your customers and prospects are looking online for many things; product performance criteria, product case studies, data sheets and so on. This ever-increasing body of content (proof) creates credibility, it’s what specifiers expect, it’s what builds confidence and frankly BES 6001 isn’t just a confirmation that your products meet today’s stringent criteria…

Your content marketing, both online and in print, should compliment your position without the fear a ‘Greenwashing’ tag. BES 6001 would appear to provide clear proof that your company is committed to improving your products. It makes your company, your products and your processes smarter and thus more attractive to potential customers. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

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