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As social media usage grows and how people share, exchange and source information has changed, marketers are having to change the way they reach out and broadcast their content. If you are still trying to convince yourself on whether social media is a marketing channel, then Hootsuite’s 140+ social media statistics that matter to marketers in 2020 might help you make this decision.

We’ve picked out a few highlights which might help your decision making when it comes to social. One of the main challenges for construction marketers to deciphering whether your audience is actually using social media to inform purchasing.

Well, you’ll be interested to know that people are using social to “research/find products to buy” with around 28% of each age group using social networking sites for this purpose. It’s clear that social media is being used to inform purchasing decisions, and this is apparent in a B2B environment too.


The social path to purchase backs up these motivations…


It’s probably not going to be news that video is still the top format on social. 90% of internet users say they watch video online at least once a month.


With the amount of people on social, it’s also no wonder that companies are increasing their spend on advertising, which is set to increase by 20% to $43 billion in 2020.

One of the other challenges to consider is which social networking sites are right for your company. This is where looking at the audience demographics for each social media is crucial. For instance, you might think you HAVE to be on instagram because that’s the new trend, but when you consider their demographics (predominantly 25-24 year old women) you might end up putting a whole lot of effort into creating engaging content & not get the results you want.

Consider your objectives before launching any social media, and make sure it’s definitely worth it for your company.

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