Tearing down barriers

There’s no doubt that email marketing does work – we’ve got many customers who will testify to this. But apart from using our awesome email broadcaster ‘Shortburst’ what else can you do to tear down the barriers of resistance and improve chances of marketing success?

Make sure you use a sensible email address for a start. One prominent business advisory organisation I know sends out emails from “Information” others use “info” or variations thereof – a sure way to have them consigned to the spam bin!

Use an engaging subject line. Don’t just stick some words in there because you have to. Take a good long time to think through the process of receiving your email. What will your reader want or expect to see there? What will make them open your email and read it? What is compelling and relevant, what will resonate with your customers and prospects?

Make sure the reply email address is to an active email account – none of this ‘no-reply’ nonsense because if you have engaged your reader, secured their attention and they hit ‘reply’ hoping to do business with you, you don’t want that email to disappear into the ether.

There’s another thing that could really make a difference to a sustained email marketing campaign and that’s the use of printed material as well. If you’re sending out brochures or flyers as well as email you can’t be mistaken for a spammer. It’s something they never do.

It’s called consistency. Strive for consistency as it is the best thing you can do for your company’s identity and your customers confidence.

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is the founder and managing director of Pauley Creative. Aside from managing the strategic direction of Pauley Creative, Nick is primarily involved in the early planning and marketing direction of each of Pauley Creative’s fabulous clients. Follow Nick on Twitter click here.

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