How to use Facebook as an Online Construction Marketing Tool

Facebook marketing in the construction industry is typically a subject that is ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about; we all know how successful the social platform has been, but the big question is, can you use the platform to market your construction products effectively?

Our recent social media post suggests that there is a slight decline in the amount of construction marketers opting to use Facebook as part of their social strategy; it also shows that some large construction company’s have even chosen to remove their official Facebook pages, leaving Wikipedia to supply limited information to their online audience.

Does this trend simply reflect a lack of knowledge throughout the construction industry with regards to the social media platform?

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11 Insider Tips to get the Most out of Your Construction Marketing Partners

Construction product manufacturers spend huge amounts of money on marketing and external agencies, but how do you know you’re getting the most out of them?

A few months back we wrote about how to structure a successful marketing team and how to choose the right marketing partner for your construction business, but how do you get the best from that team?

This post is all about helping you to get the very best from your marketing partners.

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A Simplistic Guide to Content Creation

Content creation should always be particularly high on your list of priorities. As discussed in our previous post ‘How to measure the value of blog content’, it really is one of the most effective ways for construction marketers to demonstrate their expertise, sell their services and appear high in search.

However, as much as content is crucial to any business, you should always have a justifiable reason for writing a particular post or case study in the first place. Not only will this enable you to write more effectively, it will enable you to avoid wasting precious working hours on a blog post that serves no real purpose.

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How to use Showcase Pages on LinkedIn for Effective Online Marketing

LinkedIn is known as a valuable networking tool to most businesses; it serves as a platform for building successful relationships online which in turn can lead to exciting business opportunities. Ultimately, the more you communicate with your network, the more they’ll communicate with you.

However many have jumped onto the social media bandwagon without fully understanding how LinkedIn can also directly benefit marketing objectives and brand culture.

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How are the Top UK Contractors using Social Media Marketing in 2015?

For the past few years, we’ve carried out an analysis of how the top main contractors in the UK are using social media to connect with their target audience.

This post will recap on our research from 2014, using the same construction companies reviewed in our previous post in order to analyse their progression (or digression) from the world of social today.

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Social Media Marketing in the Construction Industry at London Build

London Build 2015 is the leading construction exhibition to focus exclusively on London and the South of England.

This two day exhibition, conference, workshop and networking event will take place at the O2 Arena on the 18th and 19th June. The exhibition will be showcasing the latest projects, developments, investment and opportunities in and around the Capital.

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5 More Reasons Why Construction Marketers Should Be Blogging

We are always flogging the virtues of building credibility online to construction markers and the product manufacturers they work for. We discussed 5 reasons why construction companies should be blogging a while back now and that advice is still 100% relevant and appropriate today.

To give a brief overview, those 5 massively important reasons included…

  1. To Show your Technical Expertise
  2. To Prove Industry Leadership
  3. To Voice Opinions on Recent or Upcoming Legislations and Regulations Changes
  4. To Provide Answers to Common Questions
  5. To Support the Reach and Measurement of your Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing constantly moves on but these points are just as crucial now to achieving your business goals as they ever were.

This post aims to provide you with even more ammunition to take to the purse holders as to why your construction business should be blogging.

Proving your technical expertise and industry knowledge by being helpful and relevant is massively important, now more than ever.

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The use of QR codes and Hashtags in the Construction Industry

For all dedicated marketers, both in the construction industry and elsewhere, finding new ways of interacting and engaging with potential leads has always been a top priority.

And within this fast-moving digital world it becomes all the more important to find out which marketing strategies are most popular, and out of these, which will best ensure your brand gets heard.

This post will discuss the importance of QR codes and hashtags to the construction industry, and how they can be applied to your business in order to achieve the best results.

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