Six Insanely Quick Steps to an Actionable Marketing Strategy

In this short post we’ll run through six high-impact, reaffirming exercises you can take on your own, or in a small group, that will help you form the solid foundations of an actionable and measurable marketing strategy.

Because getting to a cohesive and actionable marketing strategy that the business will buy into and support you in takes both time and patience, these sessions will add serious fuel to your existing marketing plan or give you the super-sharp tools to get you started on one right now.

As is often the case, the hardest part of creating (or indeed revisiting) a marketing plan is actually starting it, especially when there is so much happening day-to-day sucking up your time and head-space.

If you can take half an hour out to use these six quick sessions, you too can kick start your marketing plan today…

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What to Consider When Converting Your Website to Mobile

The ever-evolving world of mobile technology means that the internet can be accessed at any given time or place, and as smartphones are being used with a strong intent to search, interact, or shop, it becomes all the more important for your website to deliver a great user experience on all mobile devices.

This post will discuss what to consider when converting your site to mobile, from choosing the appropriate design and build technique, to avoiding common SEO pitfalls.

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7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profile

Most construction marketers are aware that a strong social presence is crucial to business’ success. At no other time have marketers been able to gain access to their customers as they do now via the web.

But the question is, how do you know that your online presence is contributing towards your overall business goals?

Despite social media opening up a variety of exciting opportunities, it can also haunt your business if not used correctly.

Therefore the world of social should be handled once you are clear with what exactly you want to achieve.

This post will cover the top 7 considerations when analysing your social profiles, in order for your construction business to benefit from an effective social strategy.

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How to use UTM Tags to Measure Construction Marketing and PR Activity

In this post, we’ll cover how building product manufacturers can measure the results of marketing media (on and offline) and PR activity with UTM tags.

A function that will help you to do more with the trade publication titles and websites that work best for your product.

At Pauley Creative, we’re responsible for showing results to our clients (proving our worth) and as such we are big on measuring marketing campaigns we’re involved in and even those we’re not.

In our view every strategic marketing campaign carried out (by our clients) should be analysed, scrutinised, reviewed, and improved…

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What Does Positioning Mean to a Specification Audience?

Clear positioning is a massively influential element to an effective web presence and therefore crucial to your business’ success online and off.

Quite simply;

As a specifier, the easier it is for me to clarify the relevant applications and performance data of any particular building product the easier it is for me to specify.

This post will focus strongly on key customer perspective; understanding their thought process when searching for a product online will enable you to form a business as rewarding and stress-free as possible, for both prospects and existing customers.

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How Simple Strategy Brings Construction Projects and Track Cycling Together


Great teamwork beats power and strength (That’s me in the middle)

This post is a great excuse to tell you a bit more about me; what I do, stuff I love and where the two came together rather unexpectedly at a recent visit to the Velodrome.

Before I begin this post I really ought to introduce myself.

I’m Suzanne Golder, content lead for Pauley Creative. I’m responsible for driving the delivery of successful content strategy for our clients.

My recent visit to ride at the Velodrome brought two of the things that I love together. Construction and Cycling.

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5 Ever-So Simple Tips to Shape a Strong Construction Brand

This post will consider the importance of strong construction brand positioning, which most construction companies could benefit from.

We will explore the five key ways to create successful business messages around the products and services you provide to your key target audiences.

It’s the general job of marketing to provide prospects with:

  • Clarification of their company’s core products
  • The applications relevant to each product or product type
  • The company’s priority supporting services

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6 Key Content Strategies for Construction Marketers for 2015

Recently I’ve attended two marketing events: the Content Marketing Show in Brighton and Digital Marketing Show at the London Excel.

Whilst listening to all these industry experts it became evident that over the past year there has been a sudden resurgence in real creativity.

Here’s a quick debrief of what I learnt from both exhibitions…

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