5 simple tactics to audit the success of your construction product manufacturer website

Auditing your digital footprint, mainly your website, is an extremely valuable and necessary project for a business’ success.

Assessing a website in detail from all angles and scenarios, including priority products, services and key target audiences, will ensure that it is fully optimised.Read More

6 Key Content Strategies for Construction Marketers for 2015

Recently I’ve attended two marketing events: the Content Marketing Show in Brighton and Digital Marketing Show at the London Excel.

Whilst listening to all these industry experts it became evident that over the past year there has been a sudden resurgence in real creativity.

Here’s a quick debrief of what I learnt from both exhibitions…

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Create Killer Construction Case Studies Every Time

Being a new member of the Pauley team as content executive, I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of construction marketing. And one thing I have learnt a lot about is case studies.

Although time consuming, when you get them right, case studies play a vital role in generating leads through media coverage.

However, getting them wrong could result in wasted hours with no return…

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13 Scary Reasons Why Your Competition’s Marketing is More Effective

Building product manufacturers and specialist construction companies know that marketing is an essential evil (ie. cost in time, money, resource).

We know we need to reach new and existing clients, foster relationships and generate good quality leads.

Typically, although hard to admit, procrastination is the real devil when it comes to holding things up in our marketing plans.

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How NOT to write a Google+ Post For Search Engines

A bit of a quick confession post this.

Having just learnt an important lesson about posting in Google+ I thought I’d share it with you.

You will all enjoy your weekends that little bit more believe me…

Whilst checking various search terms like “Pauley Creative Marketing” in various different search engines I came across a result that I didn’t expect.

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Pauley Creative Help Celotex to Deliver an Award Winning Building Products Website

Award Winning Building Materials Website

Stuart (left) and Nick (right) – In the Pink

We would like to offer our congratulations to the Celotex marketing team who have recently been awarded The Saint-Gobain Marketing Awards (UK) “Best Marketing Communications Project” with their new user-focused, lead generation website.

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7 More Books To Inspire Change in Your Construction Marketing Thinking

Last year, I wrote a post about some books that I thought might transform the way you thought about marketing your building products businesses.

I wrote it because those books, although not directly related to construction marketing, were inspiring (for me) and I felt like sharing the wealth.

To be fair the majority of you would’ve probably already read them, you’re such a cultured lot, so this time I’m going to mix it up a bit.

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Something Left Field

Good marketers talk about telling stories.

When you write content, when you create video, when you design an infographic, tell a story.

So I’m gonna tell you about my MozCon experience.

Zeph, Suarev, Sarah Bird, Lexie and a few others…. there are “actionable” items in here for you! Just bear with me for the first 500 words please.

Nathalie I stole your words for the title, because I think this qualifies…

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14 Professional Copywriting Secrets Every Specifier Wished You Knew

Ok, I admit it, I put difficult things off. Not always, just sometimes.

Because sometimes certain things are just so far out of my comfort zone I can’t bring myself to face them immediately.

I know they’ll ultimately be good for me, I’m just a bit daunted by them at the time, so I’ll procrastinate.

And yet, when I finally pluck up the courage, I’m usually so enlightened, I wonder why I ever waited so long.

What I learnt recently from a top émigré London copywriter is advice that will not just transform the way you write.

But also the way you work.

And your readers will love you for it.

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How to Create the Perfect Sitemap for your Building Products Website

This post outlines one of the key areas we should consider when planning a new website.

The Sitemap

As well providing great practical advice at the early stages of your web build project this post also identifies areas of opportunity for ‘Search’ even before your website is built.

A sitemap is visual representation of the structure of your website. It shows all of your website pages and the hierarchy of these pages.

Its important to understand this structure up front in order to get a birds eye view of your site and to make sure that all the topics you want to cover are included.

Building a sitemap should be pretty simple process yet there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid.

Getting your sitemap right, before you start the build, is vital to the success of your new product manufacturer website.

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