What is Profile Advertising and are there any Benefits?

What is profile advertising
When faced today with yet another suggestion for one of our clients to ‘support’ an editorial piece and their loyal specifiers with profile advertising, it got me thinking…who really thinks that this is a good idea?

Does either the Specifier or the Building Product Manufacturer actually know what they are agreeing to here?

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5 Huge Lessons I’ve Learnt about Content Marketing in Construction

Content marketing in construction

Starting a new construction marketing role is always daunting, particularly when you’ve had no previous experience in the area and therefore have limited knowledge on what it’s all about. In fact, most fresh-faced marketers, whether in the construction industry or not, don’t have a clue what they’re actually getting themselves into…

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Why we’re saying ‘No’ to any more new clients.

Runners and triathletes use the term ‘Tempo training’ or ‘Threshold’ to describe a ‘comfortably hard’ training effort.

Right now, Pauley Creative is at threshold. We’re in the zone. Working ‘comfortably hard’, and we’re loving it.

To take on another new client, whatever the opportunity, would tip the balance.

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Your First Steps into the World of Construction Marketing

So a year has passed since I’ve finished University and started my first job as a content marketer in the construction industry. I stepped into the office on my first day with a very brief ‘textbook’ overview of how marketing actually worked, and absolutely no clue about the construction industry whatsoever. I felt that I had a lot to learn. Fast.

And as a result of this fast learning the journey has been both challenging and rewarding; I’ve had to rethink the way I do things, be flexible with managing tasks, work successfully with clients and collaborate with colleagues in bringing new ideas to the table.

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