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5 Huge Lessons I’ve Learnt about Content Marketing in Construction

Content marketing in construction

Starting a new construction marketing role is always daunting, particularly when you’ve had no previous experience in the area and therefore have limited knowledge on what it’s all about. In fact, most fresh-faced marketers, whether in the construction industry or not, don’t have a clue what they’re actually getting themselves into…

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Key Content Marketing Takeaways from Brighton SEO 2015

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Brighton SEO event, full of avid marketers eager to share and present their thoughts on how to best achieve success.

Despite the rain destroying the possibility of chips by the seaside, the day was full to the brim with fascinating insights and key takeaways on how best to market your products and services.

So after sifting through my notes and various scribbles, I’ve provided an overview on a few of the talks I listened to in the hope that for those of you who weren’t able to attend, the tips may prove useful for your own marketing strategies.

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How to use Facebook as an Online Construction Marketing Tool

Facebook marketing in the construction industry is typically a subject that is ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about; we all know how successful the social platform has been, but the big question is, can you use the platform to market your construction products effectively?

Our recent social media post suggests that there is a slight decline in the amount of construction marketers opting to use Facebook as part of their social strategy; it also shows that some large construction company’s have even chosen to remove their official Facebook pages, leaving Wikipedia to supply limited information to their online audience.

Does this trend simply reflect a lack of knowledge throughout the construction industry with regards to the social media platform?

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How to use Showcase Pages on LinkedIn for Effective Online Marketing

LinkedIn is known as a valuable networking tool to most businesses; it serves as a platform for building successful relationships online which in turn can lead to exciting business opportunities. Ultimately, the more you communicate with your network, the more they’ll communicate with you.

However many have jumped onto the social media bandwagon without fully understanding how LinkedIn can also directly benefit marketing objectives and brand culture.

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6 Key Content Strategies for Construction Marketers for 2015

Recently I’ve attended two marketing events: the Content Marketing Show in Brighton and Digital Marketing Show at the London Excel.

Whilst listening to all these industry experts it became evident that over the past year there has been a sudden resurgence in real creativity.

Here’s a quick debrief of what I learnt from both exhibitions…

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