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What is greenwash and why will it affect your construction business?

Post updated in November 2015.

Since this post was first written in 2012, CAPS [the Committee of Advertising Practice] have published new information on ‘Green claims in Advertising‘ which is well worth getting familiar with.

The UK market place is now flooded with products and services shouting about their ‘green’ credentials. There are now over 73% more ‘green’ marketed products in the UK market place today, than at the end of 2009.Read More

MDi TV Episode 10 – Using social media to improve your PR activities

This episode of MDi TV explores the relationship between PR and social media. PR has changed over the years with the focus shifting from just getting news into the press to writing content that speaks directly to your audience and encourages conversation. Journalists are under a lot of pressure and need PR professionals to provide them with content that is relevant and written in a style that can be easily copied and pasted, hence the rise in popularity of the social media news release. This content is optimised for both search engines and the media looking for news on a certain topic.

Distributing your content and PR activities through social media channels can dramatically increase the reach of your news, whilst engaging in personal conversations and sharing relevant information online can strengthen your relationships with journalists and reporters.

Read More

How social media can improve your PR campaigns

The digital shift has had a big effect on the way news and information is published and consumed in the construction industry. PR professionals and marketers need to understand how this impacts the way they communicate with their audiences and the media. Social media has increased the number of available communication channels and facilitated real time conversations between companies and customers. It has given construction companies and individuals the opportunity to become publishers.Read More

Ecobuild 2012… are you ready?

If we had access to the NHS statistics on blood pressure and stress within the construction industry, there would certainly be an Everest-sized spike in the chart for January and February every year, as the industry frantically tries to prepare for the biggest event in the calendar.

Unfortunately, what so few realise is that by the time you’re packing turkey curry into your lunchbox ready for your first day back in the New Year – you’ve missed the Ecobuild bus!Read More

Experienced PR Manager joins the Pauley Creative team

We are very happy to announce the arrival of the latest member of our talented construction marketing team. Helen Lawson joins us from Liz Male Consulting where she handled the public relations and communications for clients in the construction and sustainability sectors.  She is a CIPR associate and has a wealth of both client and agency side experience. At Pauley Creative Helen manages all creative communications and public relations, both internally and for our awesome clients.

PR is an important part of the construction marketing mix, and one that is often misunderstood. Helen will be sharing some of her knowledge and expertise on this blog, which I am sure will be very valuable to our readers and subscribers. Her first blog post titled “Ecobuild 2012: Are you ready?” will be published tomorrow. We’re very excited and can’t wait to read it!

If you would like to know more about Helen, her new role and what she gets up to in her spare time please visit our ‘who we are’ page. It includes links to her various social media accounts where you can get in touch with her.