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For building product manufacturers, having a web presence is critical to the success of your business. Pauley Creative creates some of the most effective lead generation websites in the construction industry; building loyalty to your brand through world-class online experiences.

It’s important to understand your target audience and what they want from your website. Customers aren’t just looking for products to meet their needs; they’re looking for support and guidance on product selection. Information, resources, and technical guidance are essential if you want to have a successful site.

We make sure that the customer is central to the web development process, and that your new website offers a better online experience; providing content your customers want, quickly and easily.

With most visitors being specialists, such as architects and other specifiers, our team have an in-depth understanding of their online habits and draw on this, as well as tailored research, to make informed decisions about your build; ensuring that your new website provides a service relevant to your customers and your product range.

The outcome? We transform your website from a tick box exercise into a useful resource customers’ actually want to use.

We understand that the audience is key, and catering to their needs is central to our strategic approach. Supplying technical documentation, answers to questions, and regulatory guidance make sure the customers’ requirements are truly central to the web design process. An information rich site that’s easily accessible, and quickly directs customers to the information they’re really looking for is key.

Not sure your content and assets are up to scratch? Pauley Creative can also work with you to guide the content strategy, or take it off your hands completely, providing quality content for your new website that works for visitors and search.

SEO is at the heart of every web build, ensuring your new site doesn’t just look great and provide great content, but also smashes your competition off page 1 – positioning you as top dog.

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