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Developing a successful construction membership site is all about the content you’re offering and the added value a member gets from your site. When a business becomes a member of your organisation, chances are it’s not because of your website offering. However, your website can become a huge driver for renewal and upselling services if it’s set up to appeal to your audience in the right way.

Firstly, you need to ensure you’re adding additional value on your site, such as supplying high quality, originated content that isn’t freely or easily available elsewhere on the Internet – content that’s engaging and useful to specific roles within your member’s businesses.

Pauley Creative have a wealth of experience when it comes to providing high quality content for membership driven sites, and how to maintain and increase overall membership engagement.  Having the right information and services on offer and making sure they’re targeted to the different personas of your members business is key. Suppliers to the trade will likely have a different requirement to members supplying services to the general population.

Your website can become a powerful tool for supplying leads to those serving the general population or even specification audiences. With clever SEO and PPC supporting the site, we can add real benefit for local based trade businesses.

Our specialist team have intimate knowledge of both the construction industry, and the services that will have the most beneficial impact on their day-to-day business. It’s about adding value through quality services, not just the quantity of the services on offer.

We also work with you closely to identify what your target audience’s need most, and help you upsell essential services and offer access to desirable premium products, training, events, and ecommerce based product sales, or access to online certification documents.

We can also integrate back office membership functions and CRM to your site to keep your administration team on top of renewals and accounts.

With the right membership benefits in place, you will continuously offer value, encouraging membership signup, renewal and loyalty.

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