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To excel in construction marketing, you need to know your target audiences inside out and carry out customer research. Without the right knowledge of your key personas, you simply won’t be providing the right messages to engage on their level. So despite your best intentions, creating a campaign that’s not ‘pin point’ targeted is likely to fall flat of expectations.

As construction marketers its often easy to start bucketing audiences by company type. For example, “we’d like to target contractors with this campaign”. This simply isn’t targeted enough. We believe in going much deeper with your understanding. To truly understand your audiences, you must talk to them.

Why customer research is so important?

At Pauley Creative we use customer research to help to;

Pauley Creative provide a range of niche packages to suit your construction business. What’s right for you will depend the specific goals you’re wishing to achieve. What we can promise, is that our in-depth research will pave the way to your future construction marketing success, engage your existing customers on a deeper level, and truly define your target personas.

Our approach for construction companies

We look to define, key challenges, decision making factors, wants, needs, and market influences; as well as gaining an understanding of their online and offline habits. All of this useful information makes your job as a marketer easier.

In addition, if you want to up your knowledge on the various roles individuals play within the construction supply chain, we offer specification and audience training on request. Get in touch to start your research or training project.

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