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Not all contractors have the same goal when it comes to their online presence. Building a website for a specialist contractor requires an intimate knowledge and understanding of your business sector.

The format of your site is key, and getting it right shows you understand your target audience.

Every contractor is different, so every website we build is bespoke and tailored to your company values and vision, in order to marry the perception you wish to have. A one size fits all approach just isn’t going to cut it.

For larger more established contractors we know it’s all about showcasing your accomplishments. A brochure style format, detailing the projects you have completed, with media rich designs and easily accessible case studies, balanced with a detailed overview of your more technical projects will stand you out, showing what you’re capable of. Perhaps recruitment and careers are a major focus, after all, your company runs on the people within it, so attracting talent is crucial.

With sub-contracting services it’s important to promote credibility and capability, detailing high profile contracts your company has worked on, showing whom you’ve worked with on a sub-contracted basis, promoting your company, accreditations and compliance and the specialist skills you offer, will push your online presence and lead generation.

It’s also more important than ever to utilise the tools that online and cloud based technology offers.

By integrating traditional stand-alone services such as back office functionality, internal communication, onsite processes and tracking, we can transform your site into an essential tool and a useful resource for your business.

Through our web development process, our specialist strategy and project management team ensure your website has the right focus, and is relevant to your target audience.


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