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The Client

Jones & Woolman

Jones and Woolman UK are specialists in the manufacture and installation of GRP mouldings & impenetrable building solutions.

“Working with Pauley Creative has been fantastic and we’ve only ever seen good results from them.”

“It’s all around what they can do for us as a business and how they can add benefit, I couldn’t recommended them highly enough.”

Matthew Jones, Sales Director – Jones and Woolman UK

The Results

208% increase in visitor numbers to since we launched the website in 2019

470% increase in search visibility for tracked keywords from Apr 2019 to Dec 2022

184% increase in organic traffic from Mar 2019 to Dec 2022

Matthew Jones, Sales Director, Jones and Woolman UK

The Journey

Jones and Woolman UK came to Pauley Creative with a very clear objective – To elevate their brand above their competition. This process involved a need to:

– Take their existing brand and modernise

– Create a new lead generation website with increased functionally

– Increase and diversify lead types

– Produce SEO focused content to rank above the competition

– Monitor and adapt marketing tactics to reach more people

0-2 Months

Audit & Evaluation

We started the journey by undertaking a Digital Profit Hunter audit, designed to deep-dive into the core business needs of Jones and Woolman UK, looking into their key customer personas as well as taking a detailed look at their brand, website and market competition.

This research phase produced actionable recommendations for the creation and direction of a search-focused lead-generation website and a rebrand of the current business.

This initial research phase also supported the planning and direction of the next phase of SEO-focused content to support their new website and drive existing and new customers to the site.

2-6 Months

Brand Development & Website Build

The initial research phase allowed Pauley Creative to create a plan of action for both the design of the new website along with exactly which pages and supporting content were needed to service the client’s varied customer personas.

Working closely with the client a rebrand was rolled out across the business based on research and personal choice to create a brand that would stand out from the competition, but that would also represent the client’s personality and expertise.

The brand roll began with a new website and followed through to their uniforms, fleet of vehicles and an office fit out, to create a consistent and professional brand.

The combined elements of this phase positioned Jones and Woolman UK as the market-leader for commercial weatherproofing, with a particular emphasis on how they support their customers through every phase of a project.

6+ Months

SEO activity, reporting, on-going content, digital PR & LinkedIn outreach

Once the new lead-generation website launched, we implemented an ongoing digital and media strategy aligned with the objectives from the research phase.

Pauley Creative started by creating a rolling and evolving SEO focused content strategy that defined a set of core communications messages across print and digital platforms.

Pauley Creative produced a variety of content to match their target audience types. Over a 2 year period, Pauley Creative have produced assets that showcase Jones & Woolman’s expertise, including:

24+ technical blogs
14+ technical case studies
2+ brochures
1 technical white paper
1 CPD + online video version

Since the launch of the website in 2019, Jones and Woolman UK has seen an increase in online search visibility of 470%, with organic traffic to their site increasing by 184%.

Through continued research on the needs of the key customer types of Jones and Woolman UK, further website development was undertaken to add additional functionality which better supports the needs of a key persona, the specifier.

To help maximise Jones & Woolman’s exposure, Pauley Creative conducted digital pr and outreach to help the business achieve its overall objectives. As well as bolstering the strength of the domain through general news and technical pieces, Pauley Creative also used localised news outlets to raise awareness of the fantastic career opportunities at Jones & Woolman.

Opening and Increasing personal connections in the industry is critical to the growth of any business. Pauley Creative deployed campaigns on social media network Linkedin, to gain exposure for key individuals in the business. This has enabled a laser-focused, targeted approach and has provided influential spokespeople with opportunities to have their messaging seen by select and relevant industry peers, as well as opening conversations about new business opportunities.

Pauley Creative have also supported the business in the following aspects:


24+ Months

Lead generation, Recruitment & Internal Comms

To offer the specifier improved support, a new area of the site was created to house standard weatherproofing details which enable easier project design. A dedicated page for the upload of an architect’s own details was also implemented to allow the Jones and Woolman UK technical team to validate project designs and increase engagement with architects.

This was supported with various content and marketing assets to drive users to this area of the site including:

– Explainer animations – focused on highlighting the end-to-end service of Jones and Woolman UK

– SEO focused blogs & FAQs

– Targeted social posting of all the above assets

An increase in the number and size of projects being undertaken, a direct result of the lead generation website and marketing, required a need to grow the site, management and office teams to better support their customers. Therefore a targeted on-going recruitment campaign was undertaken.

A new careers section was added to the website which included:

– A page listing current vacancies with the ability to apply for roles and upload CVs directly

– Company culture page

– Interview style videos with various members of the Jones and Woolman UK team to showcase what it is like to work for the company


– Social snippets and videos to highlight different aspects of the business

And to better support new and existing members of the team a suite of employee materials were created including welcome packs, an onsite pocketbook for quick reference to information relevant to the day-to-day roles, as well as other supporting materials.

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