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The Client

John Brash

With over 100 years technical expertise in the timber industry John Brash are the UKs leading manufacturer of graded timber roofing battens, shingles & shakes, scaffold boards and commercial anti-slip decking.

“We’re always working to improve results and what’s more we’re blowing our competitors out the water in the search engines, which is very satisfying.”

Christian Brash – CEO – John Brash Ltd

The Results

Since engaging with Pauley Creative, John Brash’s online presence has grown significantly. High quality, technically led content production and strong media relations, combined with a performing website platform, search optimisation and targeted campaign work helps this online presence continue to grow year on year.

Quality traffic growth has been achieved through relevant content production, seo and targetted email campaigns.

Leads have sky rocketed by focussing on the information customers want, measuring behaviour and continuously improving.

Goals have been increased by targeted campaigns that offer value as well as making the current information accessible and digestible.

Christian, CEO. John Brash

The Journey

Pauley Creative first started working John Brash in 2011 and continue to work for them today. Christian attended one of our speaking events and consequently started engagement with us by undertaking the Profit Hunter Program.

1-3 Months

Audit & Evaluation

The Profit Hunter Program included a full analysis of John Brash’s current digital footprint. It engaged with John Brash customers and internal staff to understand the perception and opinion of those closest to the company. A competitor analysis was also completed to help benchmark from the off and to understand opportunities not being taken advantage of.

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3-6 Months


Brand Development



Website Design & Development



Building product manufacturer website

6-18 Months


Once the website was in place and a clear direction of the business goals established, content production could begin. Using information gathered from the Digital Profit Hunter, ongoing analysis of website visitor information and behaviour, as well as working closely with John Brash regarding market changes and developments, a content strategy was shaped and applied.


Online Press

A combination of solid case studies, relevant opinion pieces and a little media storm helped establish strong relationships and regular coverage.


A new medium that had not been embraced before helped customers to understand the product better and acted as a good traffic driver.


The heart of the website and brand was focused on technical expertise. Search optimised blog content catapulted the website to new heights.

Case Studies

Case Studies formed a large part of the marketing strategy, helping to project competence and fuelling a number of other marketing tactics.

18+ Months


Once the wheels were turning and the fundamental marketing tools were in place, campaign activity was the next logical step.

Landing Pages

Pauley Creative created highly targetted content and landing pages to specific audiences using both email and search tactics to drive the audience to the website.

Targeting Specific Audiences

The audiences across the product range were diverse, each needing tailored messages to help connect and engage.

Capturing Qualified Leads

Engagement through these campaigns resulted in highly qualified and often sales ready hot leads to the business.

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