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The Client


Shentongroup are UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems.

“Pauley were recommended to us, I contacted them, he took the wind from our sales within the first 30 seconds…”

Jody – Managing Director – Shentongroup

The Results

Following engagement with Pauley Creative, shentongroup have rebranded and repositioned both the company and the service offering. They have invested in a lead generation website and laid the foundations for measurable marketing strategy which combines online content, an offline media presence, email and lead nurturing campaign work.

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Brand visibility has been increased by focusing on relevant long tail search terminology which has lead to significant non branded organic search.

Higher value leads have been obtained by attracting new visitors and high quality traffic.

Since month 1 of launch goals have increased due the combination of activities, marketing focus and providing a user experience that encourages engagement.

Jody, Managing Director. Shentongroup

The Journey

Pauley Creative were recommended to shentongroup through a mutual contact. The relationship begun with the Digital Profiter Hunter program back in 2012. Pauley Creative completed the full digital and perception audit and presenting recommendations across all aspects.

1-3 Months

Audit & Evaluation

Our in depth diagnostics approach included a full analysis of shentongroup‘s current digital footprint. It engaged with shentongroup customers and internal staff to understand the perception and opinion of those closest to the company. A competitor analysis was also completed to help benchmark from the off and to understand opportunities not being taken advantage of.

3-6 Months


Brand Development



Website Design & Development



6-18 Months


As suppliers of standby generators and other power continuity related products, the level of expertise within the business is very high. The tone and content of the existing materials and website did not reflect this highly skilled business in the correct light. Pauley Creative flipped the tone of the content to focus on the service, expertise and complexities of the process, rather than focussing on the units that are installed.

Here’s a great post on product positioning for specific construction audiences.

Online Press

Pauley Creative started from a blank canvas from a PR perspective; from the building up of key communications messages, to establishing relationships and identifying opportunities in media.


shentongroup were keen to utilise an extensive list of potential customers through email marketing.


Key to the content strategy was to unmask the hidden knowledge that existed in the company and translate this into sharable, consumable content for the mechanical and engineering audiences. Pauley Creative continue to create a combination of technical and company news articles.


A series of targeted whitepapers were created to act as a hook for better qualified lead generation, prospect engagement and to raise shentongroup‘s brand presence amongst various different types of audience including the specification market and end users of a diverse business type.

18+ Months


Once the business goals had been aligned to marketing objectives, the fundamental marketing tools were easy to put in place. Campaign activity was the next logical step and the process of driving traffic back to the website and nurturing leads began…

Landing Pages

Pauley Creative created highly targetted content and landing pages to specific audiences using both email and search tactics to drive the audience to the website.

Targeting Specific Audiences

The audiences across the product range were diverse, each needing tailored messages to help connect and engage.

Capturing Qualified Leads

Campaigns to date have led to 10% of the traffic to the site and 30% of qualified leads since their introduction.

Pauley Creative have worked very hard on our whitepapers and it shows with the results. I have received numerous, targeted enquiries as a result of these whitepapers and a high percentage of them turned out to be solid leads. Very impressed!

shentongroup Marketing Manager


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