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The Client

Celotex Insulation

Celotex is the leading UK PIR thermal insulation provider for the building and construction market.

“Partnering with Pauley Creative on the new Celotex website project made perfect sense. Their process-driven, considered approach to both the web-build and it’s impact on the wider Celotex digital marketing strategy gave us complete confidence. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Pauley Creative”

Paul Evans, Head of Marketing – Celotex

The Results

Pauley Creative delivered a measurable lead generation website that was stable and fit for purpose. The strategy behind the website build was lead by the results from the Digital Profit Hunter research, which helped understand customer needs, identify the business goals and enabled Pauley Creative to tailor a bespoke site build to achieve those requirements.

Website Goals

Above providing a platform that dealt with the shear volume of traffic and requests, the website was given new functionality and tools that offered members added value and allows them to specify Celotex easier.

The new members area encouraged loyalty through return visits, new lead generation via sign ups, and active hot projects for sales staff to follow up on, directly from their integrated Salesforce CRM.

Lizzie, Marketing Communications Manager. Celotex

The Journey

Pauley Creative were approached by Celotex to be involved in the new web build in early 2013. At the time, the current site from a birds eye view seemed to be functioning and informative. However some low level issues with performance were highlighted by the marketing team at Celotex. In addition, the visibility and measurability of the performance of the site was not possible with the current site setup.

With these issues and motivations for a new site raised, Pauley Creative engaged with Celotex and undertook the Profit Hunter Program, as well as presenting a series of ideas for a new site that could meet the “Added Value” promise of Celotex as a brand and deliver from a lead generation perspective.

1-3 Months

Audit & Elvaluation

The Profit Hunter Program highlighted a number of interesting elements that helped shape the site build as well as reaffirming some existing concerns. It also helped to bolster the understanding of customer perceptions.


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3-6 Months


Pauley Creative produced a fully responsive website, that integrated directly with the Celotex CRM, with an external U-value calculator tool, and that adhered to strict and secure IT practices.

The site took visitor engagement to another level by providing a suite of useful tools in a logged in content, Members Zone.

This allowed members to get all the information they required in order to specify the product easily as well as providing high quality leads to the technical sales staff at Celotex.

3-6 Months

Website Promotion

In order to help current and potential customers understand the value of the members area, a promotional video and series of promotional emails were produced highlighting the benefits and tools offered behind the login area.

6+ Months


Celotex are blessed with a very forward thinking, active marketing team that have the resource to perform much of the day to day operational aspect of the marketing function themselves. Pauley Creative continue to work alongside and compliment the in-house Celotex team in a consultative role, helping to steer decisions from a strategic perspective on all channels of Celotex’s marketing activity in order to achieve business goals.

Insulating Britain Campaign

Insulating Britain was a multi-channel campaign that aimed to educate the market regarding the Part L changes that were coming into force in 2014. Pauley Creative helped define the campaign messages and the identity, and built a bespoke campaign website to capture new leads.

As is typical with Celotex, the company broke all the conventions by conducting a national UK roadshow and commissioning a fully branded double decker bus to drive the country, education the industry along the way.

The campaign combined offline activity; a full exhibition presence at Ecobuild and a series of 50+ live training events, with a digital presence using an active lead generation website, the use of online bookings, promotional email, and live photo and video updates from the roadshow.

A comprehensive Guide to Part L was produced and offered on the website which was used to help capture new leads for the business.

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