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Online specification tools for construction websites

Whether you need a kitchen planner, shower space configurator, u-value calculator or complex product selector – we can build it

Online construction specification tools provide specifiers, estimators and project managers with integrated tools on your website that aid the sales decision making process and increase their understanding of your products and services. They also have the ability to solve issues specifier and influencers in the construction space deal with daily, such as:

• Performing technical calculations or selections
• Gaining material costings
• Making product selections based on limited knowledge
• Visualising product and how products and systems interact with each other

Construction specification tools also help cut down sales administration time, joins up your technical product, sales and marketing messages, and can increase qualified lead generation for your sales team.

Adding construction specification tools to value and high-quality lead generation

Adding specification tools to your construction website allows you to provide a service relevant to both your customers and your sales team, transforming your site into a useful resource.

Although specification tools are primarily for your customer, they are also essential tools for your sales and marketing team. For example, implemented correctly specification tools can aid as input to the website, allowing your sales team to follow up leads from the data extracted.

Marketing teams can also use this data to identify products your customers are specifying, changes in customer behaviour, and identify emerging trends within the construction industry, allowing you to be proactive with current and future marketing campaigns.

Whether you are looking to create a visual tool, a technical tool, or a combination of both, Pauley Creative have the knowledge to create an experience that will keep your customers returning to your site for answers.

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