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When considering and planning your marketing budget how high up is SEO, and in particular link building and offsite SEO? If the answer is ‘not very high’, it’s time to rethink.

Ensuring your off-site SEO is as carefully considered as everything on-site is key for seeing your web pages rank highly on search engine’s SERPs.

What is off-site SEO?

Also referred to as off-page, off-site SEO is the technique of utilising the power of other peoples websites to strengthen yours.

Predominantly, this strength, (sometimes referred to as authority) comes from links from other websites to your content or web pages. For example, a link from a merchant website selling your products, or a customer who has written a case study about your services. Tactics like social media and how prevalent your brand or products are across the web (sometimes referred to as media mentions),  can also make an impact.

These factors indicate the level of trustworthiness and quality of your website, making it more or less relevant or favourable for Google to rank.

Why should I care about what happens off my website?

Mentions of your company outside of your website matter just as much as what happens on your homepage.

External links back to your website act as gateways for potential prospects, making an impact on your website traffic and enquiries. But rightly or wrongly, more significantly, they act as a perceived web of trust by Google’s algorithm.

18% – 21% of Google’s ranking algorithm is driven by off-site links. 

So, the stronger your off-site SEO is, the greater your ability to rank in SERPs, therefore increasing your organic traffic.

What is a link building strategy?

In short, link building is a digital marketing tactic that improves your website’s search visibility and SERPs rankings

But with such a huge landscape to aim at, it can be daunting to know where to start. At Pauley Creative, we’ll help you navigate the unknown by setting a prioritised strategy to your link building program, as well as working out the logistics of day to day running of your account.

With overlapping activity such as content and media, it’s important to align the direction and efforts to ensure no duplication of effort occurs, and all tactics are pulling together.

To provide you with a link building service and help your web pages move up in rankings, we always start by conducting an in-depth SEO audit to benchmark your current site, identify link opportunities for your construction company and understand your top level business goals and objectives.

What does a link building service look like?

Once we are through the audit stage we’ll set the priorities for the first twelve months of activity and define a basic reporting mechanism to help keep track of progress.

A typical service includes;

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