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The Construction Marketers Guide to Press Relations

This guide discusses how to maximise the success of your PR strategy to support your content marketing, detailing exactly why we’re looking specifically into press relations, how to choose the right publication houses to work with and ways to manage the process going forward.

Defining PR and how to use it: Due to the sheer size of the topic this chapter covers exactly what aspect of PR we'll be focusing on, including how it can be used to support your existing marketing strategy.

Outlining your key target personas: A successful PR strategy can only work effectively once your key target personas have been defined; this chapter will give you some useful tips for persona creation.

Types of media coverage and considerations: What types of media coverage are available and what should you be considering to achieve the best results? We'll provide you with some of the most popular options and how they can help you to achieve specific business goals.

Working with the right media publications: This chapter will help you to identify which publishing houses are best suited to achieve your specific marketing needs, in order to help the decision-making process that little bit easier.

Measuring the success of PR activity: After all the hard work that goes into researching PR strategies and industry houses, you need to ensure that you're actually measuring the success of all media relations activity.

Managing the ongoing PR process: Now you need to identify an easy way to keep track of the management process going forward. We'll offer our suggestions on how you can best monitor all activity and bookings on a month-by-month basis.

Tips for copy creation & engaging with the media: Our eBook finishes with a few useful tips for liaising with construction industry publications, as well as useful tips to ensure your copy gets noticed by the right people.

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