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The Construction Marketers Guide to Customer Research

This guide discusses the importance of market research, the range of approaches undertaken and how such data, including quantitative and qualitative analysis, can be interpreted.

The Power of Research: What is customer research and why is it so important to your construction marketing strategy? This chapter covers just how powerful such research can be.

Qualitative Data Analysis: All construction research will consist of qualitative data, quantitative data, or a mixture of both. The following chapter discusses qualitative data and what research methods apply.

Quantitative Data Analysis: What is quantitative data and how can it work alongside qualitative data to drive your research strategy? Find out the benefits and what interview methods are involved.

Putting Research into Best Practice: What you choose to implement will depend on what stage you're currently at in your construction marketing journey - this chapter covers how to create the perfect brief.

The Interpretation of Data: So you've gathered weeks or even months worth of information - now what? This is where the value of data interpretation and analysis come into play.

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