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At Pauley Creative not only are we specialists in the Construction sector, we have a full team of experienced professionals with a combined skills-set that adds value to your business.

Working on a monthly retainer, we’ll provide an account handling group that boasts in-depth experience of your market and has degree or equivalent level qualifications across the full range of disciplines.

It’s no longer efficient to be using multiple agencies to deliver a joined-up marketing function.

If you are not familiar with or have not partnered with an agency on a retained basis before, here’s why it makes perfect sense.

Why you’ll get better results

When we work on a retained basis marketing efforts are sustained, incremental and consistent. In sales, the rule of 7 suggests it’s only on the 7th engagement that a lead is ready to buy. In marketing the same applies. Short term, quick fire campaigns do not yield the best results. Expecting results from a single campaign is unrealistic, especially when it comes to specification. Nurturing over time is critical. The drip feed of regular marketing builds credibility, visibility and is more likely to hit people when they are sales ready, rather than when you are. We always recommend sustained base levels of activity with short hits of well timed marketing injections to boost lead generation periodically.

We’ll provide budget certainty

It’s a task everyone hates. Budget planning. At Pauley Creative, we are open and transparent about our costs – right down to each deliverable. And with fixed budgets, they’ll be no mid-year budget crisis, or compromises on activity later in the financial year. We spread the cost of your activity across your financial year giving you full confidence in reporting to your superiors or fellow board members.

We offer you the best value

The days of working in channel silos or on short term campaign briefs are gone. Pauley Creative works across strategy and delivery and therefore can flex and adapt as your business requirements change and evolve.

With an agreed retainer in place, briefing new projects no longer carries the need to re-budget and there is no anxiety about the amount of agency time being spent in the early stages of exploration, strategic development and idea generation work. This becomes engrained and is part and parcel of our service, saving huge amounts of internal time and helping the marketing team manage upwards.

A set monthly fee can be fixed, based on the agreed collective effort and expectations of future work over your financial year, with regular reviews included so that both parties can be confident of the value proposition it presents. As an agency we understand the resource required to deliver your service and can easily pull extra team members in when required as an added value benefit.

With our retained customers, over investing our time becomes standard practice. We understand that sustained efforts – and going ‘above and beyond’ means long term customer retention. In return you gain 25-50% more person hours for your budget, allowing you to maximise the benefits of the relationship.

Fixed or quick campaigns based activity are typically priced higher, because by nature they are an interruption to the norm, require high level strategic, planning input and sales validation up front and are often time critical or fixed deadline based, which requires an agency to throw lots of resource at it over a short period of time.

As your business naturally evolves and the behaviour of your target audience changes over time, we’ll support you with growing and developing your strategy on a month-by-month basis.

We’ll enhance your internal knowledge

Without doubt, internal marketers that work with Pauley Creative over a sustained period of time become more knowledgable, more capable and more effective. In many circumstances teams can become self-sufficient in some of the core disciplines, allowing over time for you to bring services in house if desired. Regardless of your marketing experience, our team of experts will bring something fresh to the table. We can also build tailored training into your retained service, working with individuals of all levels to nurture and develop and build best practice into your marketing function.

It’ll save you so much time

Taking a decision to team up with us on a retained basis gives you the range of professional skills you need, while dramatically reducing demands on your own management time. An under-one-roof source of services;

Being agile allows us to move quicker

Pressure for marketing to deliver has never been so high. It’s important to remember that stake holders want to see sustained and long term results. Working on a retained basis allows us to manage expectation, forecast growth in key KPIs and be agile enough to move and adapt as the business needs change and evolve. Rarely does a plan get executed exactly as laid out. When parts of a short term campaign start to move or change mid way through delivery, it causes issues. What has been delivered already?  Whats left? What value is attributed to those element? What does the new budget look like and does it fit? How is the extra strategic and planning accounted for?

More important than pain points, when campaign requirement change, delivery and execution dramatically slow down. Momentum is lost and often so is the opportunity. In a digital world, marketing needs to move quickly. Retained partnerships enable this to be possible.

Ensuring your account is properly resourced 5 days a week is critical.

We’ll help you stimulate innovation and foster new ideas

Pauley Creative has built a reputation in the construction and building product industries by offering clients a rich source of creative and strategic thinking, firmly grounded on insider knowledge of the sector.

Your agency team will be on a permanent mission to act as a catalyst for business development. As part of its remit, ‘taking care of business’ won’t get in the way of new ideas and forward planning. Pauley Creative are more than a marketing agency. And marketing itself does not work in isolation in your business. We’ll bring ideas to you that can be implement right across the business and join up your departments. These include ideas and innovation for sales, internal comms, recruitment, hr, training, IT  and digital transformation.

Over and above your base line marketing function you’ll also be able to pick our brains about;

We’ll continue to enhance your strategy

Sales and marketing don’t stand still. Results are critical. Our monthly reporting and insights keeps track. This allows us to accurately measure the success of your strategy so that we can do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t. We’ll not only show you the numbers, but create on going recommendations based on what we are seeing, ensuring that your strategy is not stagnant, but evolves as new opportunities present themselves in the data.

A monthly consultancy service with Pauley Creative gives you certainty, continuity and creativity.

See for yourself. Get in contact to understand what a typical retainer service looks like.


Stop thinking in short term campaigns. Start thinking incremental steps to success.

Stuart Dinnie

Managing Director

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