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What is a web build?

Websites for construction companies will likely serve different purposes for different types of construction organisations. For example; a building product manufacturer website may be more inclined towards lead generation, whereas a specialist contractor may wish to be more ‘credibility’ focused, using imagery of past projects and shareholder information.

Why is it important to you?

The design of your construction website is fundamental to ensuring visitors find it appealing, trustworthy and credible. As well as creating a strong visual identity, user experience (UX) must play an integral role to the functionality of your website.

What do we offer?

In order to identify your exact requirements and expectations, our discovery process focuses on your business objectives – whether your goal is to sell products online, be thought leaders in the construction industry, attract new customers or to increase lead generation.

The next stage is to thoroughly understand your current brand positioning and target market. We do this by carrying out thorough customer research and an online audit to identify what you’re currently achieving and where the gaps lie.

These processes ensure that when it comes to creating the website, every page is working hard towards a specific goal and generating your marketing objectives.

When building your website, we take into consideration mobile optimisation, CRM integration and additional tools such as product selectors for your business.

Lead Generation Websites

Improve your sales pipeline by ensuring your website not only attracts visitors but regularly converts prospects to qualified leads.

Specification Tools

The implementation of specific tools to help your construction audience in their everyday job role and decision-making.

Mobile Application Development

Creating application software for mobile to further improve the customer experience across multiple devices.

CRM Integration

Ensure your CRM functions flawlessly with your construction website to track and measure valuable customer information.

VR web

Bring virtual reality to your website to create unique, memorable experiences for your construction audience.

Web and Application Development Web and Application Development Web and Application Development
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Investing in a lead-generation website: This chapter covers exactly what a lead-generation website is and how every website page works towards generating business growth.

Considerations for your website build: A website build involves more than a great design; we break down every element to consider when implementing a design plan or creative concept.

The creation of your website goals: How does the set-up of goals in Analytics help you to measure the success of your website pages, and which goals are most relevant to your business objectives?

Creating the right type of content: What type of content needs to sit on your website in order to engage, educate, build trust and provide solutions?

Optimising web pages for search: After all the hard work that goes into the design stage and content creation, you need to ensure that your website is actually found in search engines by the right people.

Using social media to increase website visibility: What social platforms will ensure your target audience are constantly updated with the latest content and website updates?

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