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What is a digital marketing audit?

A digital marketing audit is a thorough inspection of the online performance of your construction business, which ranges from in-depth website analysis, including quality traffic levels & lead conversions, through to online customer behaviour, SEO ranking & brand positioning. Elements such as these enable us to measure your current success effectively.

Why is it important to you?

The auditing process will enable you to receive strategic recommendations that will help you to achieve your business goals faster. By identifying crucial gaps from the start, an online digital marketing strategy can be tailored to target your specific business objectives. This eliminates any wasted time and resource carrying out ‘random acts of marketing’.

What do we offer?

We offer a process-driven, considered approach to significantly improving your current digital marketing strategy. Within the audit we’ll typically include recommendations for implementing or refining a lead generation website, alongside a highly targeted search and content strategy. This will include measurable, specific traffic-driving marketing campaigns. Our audits however will differ depending upon your exact requirements and areas of focus.




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What you can expect from us:


  • Meaningful research and clearer prospect intelligence
  • Clear suggestions for improving online brand visibility
  • A proposed website build for improving overall design & user experience
  • Examples of clearer branding & product positioning relating to key audiences types
  • An overview of the best digital marketing tactics to implement in order to achieve a healthier bottom line


  • “Their process-driven, considered approach to both the web-build and it’s impact on the wider Celotex digital marketing strategy gave us complete confidence.”

    Paul Evans, Head of Marketing – Celotex
  • If all you want is a website then look elsewhere… Pauley Creative have created a marketing strategy that is generating qualified traffic and real opportunities for my business.

    Pinder Hujan, Managing Director - Bilfinger HSG Facility Management
  • "The results opened our eyes to just how much opportunity there was within our target audience that we were missing out on."

    Terry Marshall, Managing Director - Soundcraft Doors
  • "British Gypsum use Pauley Creative to understand how its customers find and use its digital assets.”

    Ieuan Compton, Marketing Specialist Services Manager - British Gypsum
  • "We are working to improve our results at each stage and what’s more we are blowing our competitors out of the water in search engines, which is very satisfying…"

    Christian Brash, CEO - John Brash
  • "The work that you and your team have done (on our website audit) is excellent and we look forward to working with you on the building of our new lead generating website"

    Dan Gilmore, Managing Director - Bailey Total Building Envelope

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